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  1. BAN from Belarus

    Look, I don't like a "noise". When I farm I don't wanna see next to me flickering summoners. But when I pk them, real players (real nubs) keeping try to kill me. most of them die in pvp, but I rise pk count in any case. In Aden (and other towns) we have black judge, It's helpful.
  2. BAN from Belarus

    I beg your pardon. Check somebody classic servers, where if you try to kill bots or (just farm location with some drop), high level pk will kill you. If gms say that they do something, but I see that they do not. What if these pks and gms are the same people and they really "hard work" that way?? ROFL
  3. BAN from Belarus

    You're right. I understand how it works. And why NCWest allow it. But I am right too. I mean that only real players buy NCoins. But how do they like to play with total bots dominating? For me, I don't like. I have ATM 300 pk count on my main(toons have more) due cleaning spots in rift 100, etc. Why I should buy and spend expensive scrolls? For me is OK fight for spots against real players, but it's absolutely not interesting to kill bots. When I see the same bots for 2 months, I completely understand that our beloved gms do nothing. They hunt only for real players. I do not want to say anything, but what if NCWest sell adena into black market by itself? It's looks like that because they do not ban farmer bots and do not ban seller bots. They do nothing. About bot "lords", they might live in any country where is internet. But solid is that they are not affected by these stupid restrictions. Why "stupid"? Is this smart not allow new clients, ban old and hire bots?
  4. Returning player, Gear question

    for max dps: Shilien Knight for max def: Eva's Templar custom build for small group without assasin, single target, max dps (monk/evi/glad/.. assist): Dark Avenger
  5. BAN from Belarus

    Forgot to say, I understand why NCSOFT imposed restrictions. They thought that they can stop RMT. But no, bots are still here. This way not work. Bots don't pay the bills.
  6. BAN from Belarus

    That list was before Trump and will stay, if do nothing. It is not OK, when old accounts might be blocked any time. Who will spend money in this case. Why NCWest do nothing when lose player base? IMHO, bots and such policies made crap from top servers. No competition, no sides, no activities.
  7. BAN from Belarus

    I started to play on Naia before Innova's existence. Many people did the same. Many of them spent their money. Ok, if NCSOFT does not allow to play from that countries list, they must provide service for regional account transfer with gear scallation. Bans without that service looks like a scam. NCWest also, as localizer, do nothing to keep its player base. It's so pity.
  8. I wrote about such a solution 2 or 3 months ago. But nothing has changed.
  9. Flash sale?

    Ha, no way. They won't make it while we have +200% boost.
  10. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 28, 2019

    Another scam event: players will spend time, Adena, coins, but they will get nothing. Just numbers: 2x65x28 - 400 = 3240, 3240/450= 7,2. Rune not count: 20% x Random = Random. It's not worth my time. Not acceptable.
  11. I don't care about new hardware. Do something with bots. They are everywhere. Queue forced me to the classic. There is the same experience. Bots are everywhere: they farm your spots, they spam you messages... And developers do nothing. Atm, official servers have worse reputation than almost every illegal server.
  12. Seems to me, they mock us. 1. What if player get disconnected into instance with 1h time limit? Queue? 2. How much time I should spend with this queue if I wanna get attendance? 3. I won't pay for lags and queue. GL with your new artifact event!
  13. Unlimited boting is destructive for social aspect of the game. Also, as we see, game algorithm is not ready for mass boting. They even can not improve login queue algorithm. They don't think about players at all, they think only about money.
  14. F*** U those farmers. I don't wanna stuck in queue for a whole life. People who want farm in pure p2w game are vegetables. If developers replace them by npcs I won't cry.
  15. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

    Improve your queue algorithm by adding checking how many clients already connected. If 3 and less, it's one short queue flow; if more than 3 - another flow with bots and other shit.
  16. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

    Maybe, you should gtfo with your super smart tips. Many people, like me, had begun here before you started talk your sh*t at this forum. It's for the first.. Japanese and Russian servers have no lags issue. Boting there also is not allowed.
  17. A new server or nothing...

    Next year
  18. paulina twilight

    QQ-topic - I have no money spend for my old character.. - Ok, create new one!
  19. Russian and Japanese clients work much smoother for me.
  20. Hero shout solution

    Omg, look at his eyes..
  21. I am pretty sure you will be muted on in your own theme and not be able to give any answers. 100% agree with you.
  22. Adena Drop - Spoilrate - Matsdrop

    it's ok. It was made for newcomers and bots. question is only one: why they did not upgrade the same way mobs under Rune. By the way, I expect new mobs at MoS also. I hope they will drop parts of Angels jewelry which can be crafted via new craft system.
  23. Adena Drop - Spoilrate - Matsdrop

    discover new locations. Nothing is impossible with his gear
  24. Adena Drop - Spoilrate - Matsdrop

    I don't think that this game is the best way to make money. But if you want to spend them quickly, you came to the right place.