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  1. Adena Drop - Spoilrate - Matsdrop

    Check higher level locations. All bots went there.
  2. Paulina's gear set after dual reawaken?

    Here, I agree to Mixa: if you can not afford even 7.5(for "full gear". not just 2.5) usd per month for main, this is not place for you. And I am not trying to be rude, but this amount is nothing for comfortable gaming.
  3. Server Down

    "Posting in all capital letters, use a misleading title, excessive punctuation, and/or non-standard symbols, etc. ... Threads violating this guideline are subject to be closed or deleted."
  4. Hero shout solution

    Next time you will thank for? Do you really need to create a topic for this? Send PM if you really want to thank, imho.
  5. Hero shout solution

    It's clear. BUT add a limit for hero shouts per day. It is good and simple solution for dev team from me (for free ). The hero’s voice must be something special. We no need to read trade shouts, if someone want to buy runes cheap , for example. Cheer.
  6. I change my IP whatever and whenever I want during game process via vpn (if I want it), so it cause not about your IP change. You can not change IP only before input security code, it throw error. Looks like this all about regional settings.
  7. player base will be adjusted too..
  8. Why all localizers did this way, but you did not? Weapon upgrade is very expensive at this time. Player must spend around 20b for that for +16 R. After upgrade you need scroll of blessing. Where are they in game? ( I have, but other people..) Where are determination crystals? So ok, you did sale, but usual players even don't understand what I talking about. Where is info on the site? If you really want to make money: 1. bring back crystals into the store; 2. lower prices or quantity; 3. and, most important, give us "bless to bless" option.
  9. The best is the enemy of the good. He does all the right things.
  10. Paulina R99 (30 days)

    SO? What do U wanna say?
  11. Paulina R99 (30 days)

    First of all I'd like to say that NCWest have worst marketing team. Developers introduce new items, but nobody knows about that. (Another localizers have Wiki, NCWest even deleted old site with info.) All right. This store update, we got sets of Paulina Armor R99 (30 days) for 400 NC and packs of Paulina Weapon R99 (30 days) just for 200NC. Follow this link you can see abilities of new weapons. I guess, they worth. If someone have screens (video) of armour stats, please, post it down here. https://youtu.be/zl8XeWQadhk
  12. Blessed to Blessed upgrade

    This is a Lose-Lose way... If you will do it, you will lose around 200 KKK (not 20). So, NCWest, are you ready to take our money? Cause I want it.
  13. Wake the *** up, samurai

  14. Store Item Removal for 8/7 Update

    Why they just took back GM buff scrolls instead of replace them by new ones????
  15. Hero chat

    +1 /allblock is not solution.
  16. I'd like to say well done, but no, it isn't. 16 runes has been spend for only one buff, some people got it for just 8 runes. Why developers just did not remove learned skills with compensation for that?
  17. As I understand update: pp - for solo players (1 pom, not 2 at the same time) warc - party buffer with bison overlord - clan buffer (now with pom) sws - nerfed bd - ???
  18. Main - Dual exchange service

    so check it up!
  19. Main - Dual exchange service

    Try quote without any changes. Don't be a monkey. Ok?
  20. Main - Dual exchange service

    First of all: Do u really think that you can decide where I should waste my time and spend my money? 2nd: We have topic started with title "apples", but you're talking about "carrots". Do you really think that they are the same because both are a "food"? I am still talking about "apples", I don't care for your "carrot".
  21. Main - Dual exchange service

    whoa, dude... I know what is Stone Of Destiny. But "switch main class" doesen't mean the same as "swap dual and main". In current game mechanic, duals like Dominator, Maestro, both kinds of ertheia simply doesen't exist. What sentence you do not understand this time?
  22. Main - Dual exchange service

    Seems like you think you're smart, but you're not. You'd better learn this game mechanics instead teaching me words.
  23. Main - Dual exchange service

    This This is another service, but not swap. Also ertheia have only 2 options for main: eviscerator and stratomancer.
  24. Newbie Buffs

    Buff system in lineage 2 at this moment is total crap. 3 resists - ok, harmony - ok, but 3 symphonies should be 1 buff, 4 melodies - should be 1 buffslot too.
  25. Main - Dual exchange service

    What a discussion is? Maestro, Dominator and both of Ertheya classes can not be able to swap for dual class. For Kamael, this issue doesn't exist in modern game design since a long time.