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  1. 15 minutes ago, Aleppo said:

    It's just crafting material. Go to any Head Blacksmith and click on the first link (Upgrade Equipment) and you'll find a better description. It's main use is for upgrading the grade of equipment (R to R95, R95 to R99 etc.) but it's also required for other trinkets. Here's an example (click Item Upgrade: Head Blacksmith).

    Thank gods, we have russian wiki.

    Can anyone answer what #ncwest did for his players?  Maybe I missed something.

  2. It is not hard to do, but they do not want it.

    My solution could be like that:

    Ad bot initiate dialog with user. User use "Block adena sale ads" (logs/time stamp will store). 10 blocks from different users: automatic disconnect and ban.

    It's impossible to abuse this. Because  without dialog initiation users are not able to use the block. 

  3. I did not run l2 for the last month. Castilla/IT/islands ... It's absolutely not interesting to do with base exp rates.

    Can they bring back any quest in this game? I wanna  get some quests for the actual items like dimensional before. Short quests for the random brooch jewels lvl 3 would be good.. 

    I am really disappointed with the current game design and development: no motivation for players, just l2 store. 

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  4. On 13.06.2020 at 1:11 AM, Nymphadorae said:

    Honestly, neither of them are great, but for a leather set you should go +8 for the cooldown bonus:


    There are no doubts.

  5. You know, 1 control, 1 debuff, 1 attack, 1 auto attack. It's all about pve.

    For locations where is good mp regen and many mobs around (like coal/castilla), you might add gravity hit (many mobs, stronger punch).

    Backside Step is not worth the casting time. It's ok only if mobs debuff hard.

  6. 7 hours ago, Hyperlite said:

    I came back to game in November after leaving classic. You guys had red libra right about then, you had agathion event, cloak event, no fishing, shilen event, now artifact (thank you, my lost wanted event), and numerous gamble boxes in there. I assume another gamble box is coming after artifacts with maybe la vie mid summer, before libra.



  7. 6 hours ago, OrcD3vil said:

    You guys obviously have no idea what pets are used for.  You kill them on purpose for a "Anchor" so you have use a macro to run to your main, buff, then run back to your pet and /delay until it needs to POM/Songs again.  The whole purpose is for your pet to be dead so its a anchor point and you don't have to feed it.  The problem is their system is broke, my buffer crit errored out with a dead pet and guess what? It didn't disappear like they said it would, so their answer is incorrect and wrong.  It only disappears sometimes and it's not because the toon dc'd or anything.  Because I rezed my pet at roughly 10pm and by 5am it was gone when you have 24hr timer to rez the pet or it disappears.  The toon remained ingame 100% from 10pm - 5am when pet disappeared.  There is a BUG in the system they refuse to fix/find and give bull answers without doing any research.  The proof is in the logs they refuse to go over.


    I know how dead pets "work". 

    I have no doubt that there are enough bugs, but at the same time, #ncwest is very loyal to afk macrosing. Another one localizer requires character supervision.

  8. 8 minutes ago, Andomiel said:

    I like and applause anything that makes this community grow and play more efficiently.

    Thank you both @Helvie and @LordDragnil, I had some trouble figuring out how to fit healing melody when debuffing... My question though is, how you sustain your mana this way? In parties without healer I have a hard time maintaining mana and have to add healing melody with /delay 15 to be sustainable...

    Macroses with the Chaos Symphony are for locations like Coal Mines, Imperial Tomb and other where main dd or group being able to kill mobs fast enough.

    Also, I showed up hp build, but you can go also for hp/mana via dual class and sp-mage skills. I have it on my overlord/pp. 

    Second thing I use only one Chaos Symphony for large macroses if regen is really bad at location, or do not use it at all. That's why I have so many macroses.


    Don't forget also Battle Ditty buff, it gives a lot for mana regeneration.

  9. 2 hours ago, mixa said:

    Add voice commentary, it will be much more helpful imo

    Thank you for your advice mixa.

    But, looking at folks' reaction, I realised that I spent too much time even without voiceovers. Let supports just stay and do nothing, because they "can't heal and debuff in the same time". I saw that many times..

    I didn't show all tricks yet, but posting here is not interesting for me anymore. Today(yeah, too late) I realized that it's just a bad traffic.