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  1. 1 hour ago, Sesh2 said:

    no you did not drop items from getting pk'd

    people have difficulty accepting the truth...and they get offended when I slap the truth of reality into them...my viewpoint has gotten me billions of adena and hundreds of levels as a free2play character, I guess it is good luck lol

    man, u're wrong. Any dying character had the chances to drop the items.

  2. 53 minutes ago, mixa said:

    Obviously not, but I mean that even several hundred of these logs won't matter to anything.

    I had almost 9 hundreds. It's not "several", it's a bunch. My drive is not a trash bucket (I hope ^^).

    If that doesn't bother you, then that's fine.

  3. We don't have party (except constants and few random parties) instance explorings.

    With your stupid mechanics you have overloaded low level locations by bots and afk characters.

    Idea to help newbies is good by itself, but, as always, you gave to us worst realisation.

    Atlas earring is good pve thing, but scrolls should be achievable by party instancing as clan mission. 

    U'll see how it will rock with the new update where no need even reach 105 lvl for scrolls...

  4. 1 hour ago, Neesir said:

    Let me guess, you have no luck dyes, used no LUC boosts, have no enchant shirt but tried regardless and now you are complaining? I made my own +10, over 3 cloak events and after 21 or 22 legendary scrolls made it legendary, it is hard, i mean, really hard, but if you are not making everything to maximize the probability of succeeding, why are you whining?

    Problem is all those things hard to gather event for middle players. For newbies, who spent some real money, it's pure scam. But they pay only once and leave then forever. #nclosers


    +5 should be easily achievable in the current game state. It might be satisfy players.

    +5++ - little challenging

     Advanced issues found
    14 hours ago, Ambicija said:

    PS.: From what to start..? All we must to rapport all gamer's which we know from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and etc (illegal connection) - 90% of this people just simple RTM or have contracts with RTM - and log hundreds acc - just to make some $ - and its clear. Rapport all that people and ban - if they not use L2Store (for example 10-20$ per month).

    PSS.: What admins must to do? First read EULA (many times) - and do what its writed...

    I don't buy anything for a few months, then spend 200-300 for my toons depending on the store offers. It is not a lot, but I think enough for my tier and free game style.
    And u say report. lololololol
    First of all ban bots.
    I remember that it was you who was crying about banning  EU players at all. 
    Don't you know that EU players pay in euro, not in the dollars? I don't wanna say anything about your brain, because admins could simply delete my post. But you're really not enough smart and too toxic. I saw enough scammers from NA/EU in this game and I am sure that bot users there also exist. And I am sure also that all bans should be given not for race, nationality, religion, etc. , but for the game abuses. 

  6. 17 hours ago, Ambicija said:

    About mentes xp... its just ~50 people who can lvl mentes fast - in 3-5 days (even faster).

    Normally most people lvl mentes 2-4 weeks.


    Kelbim's bow + pve belt + str(dex)×patk + shirt + venir 7 + protection talisman + hunter/slaughter/outlaw = less than 10b budget ....

    It's just 50 bucks. Pay it once and exp quickly for 3-7 days. Or do not pay and waste your time for weeks

    I exp my toons first day 4-6 hours (all quests/instances (lazy mode)) and then turn it on macro, next days - 2h per day for instances (castilla,coal,....). At the rune's ending, I have 105/100++ toon. 

  7. On 15.02.2020 at 4:34 AM, Wulf said:

    oh and by the way, no character creation right now, yet is now implemented in game new mentee system and everyone now has to level up 12 alts to level 105 to get atlas earring LOL ironic

    Agree. Would be better, if it could be part of 105 dailies. Kill Kama+Baylor get 1 mark.  Atm everyone are exping alts for these earrings and we have all locations overloaded.

  8. 3 minutes ago, IDummy said:


    Yes having to stop all skills before move into hunting area to spend 15-30mins to get them timed correctly is stupid... I perfer to not pop dragonshirt/savage/br/abu/etc all at same time.. why clear spawn fast and sit with no mobs, I stagger all to improve overal kills speed...

    I glad that you have such dps =) Most of player base doesn't have such strength. And will never have, if dumb devs will no get smarter.