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  1. hi Guys Boring game

    I did not run l2 for the last month. Castilla/IT/islands ... It's absolutely not interesting to do with base exp rates. Can they bring back any quest in this game? I wanna get some quests for the actual items like dimensional before. Short quests for the random brooch jewels lvl 3 would be good.. I am really disappointed with the current game design and development: no motivation for players, just l2 store.

    I am sure that libra will come with the new update. So stop cry about
  3. Set for Evis

    There are no doubts.
  4. Evi macro

    You know, 1 control, 1 debuff, 1 attack, 1 auto attack. It's all about pve. For locations where is good mp regen and many mobs around (like coal/castilla), you might add gravity hit (many mobs, stronger punch). Backside Step is not worth the casting time. It's ok only if mobs debuff hard.
  5. Pet Disappearing

    I know how dead pets "work". I have no doubt that there are enough bugs, but at the same time, #ncwest is very loyal to afk macrosing. Another one localizer requires character supervision.
  6. Pet Disappearing

    I'm going to say something you don't like, but ... keep an eye on your characters. It doesn't matter if you run a bot or a macro if you don't watch at the character.
  7. Farm adena easy 5 bi to 12 bi adena.

    https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12163-farm-guide/?tab=comments#comment-89813 #ncwest doesn't care
  8. Post is so long.. Please, someone answer me will we celebrate it or not? #ncwest will make some event or cut off at least?
  9. Any Weather in L2

    Yeah, we need more zones with weather on UE2. Reptilicon forever.
  10. https://youtu.be/weUqlaGw3oE PS. If you're "smart enough", just skip it up.
  11. Tips for newbies with in-game macroses.

    Macroses with the Chaos Symphony are for locations like Coal Mines, Imperial Tomb and other where main dd or group being able to kill mobs fast enough. Also, I showed up hp build, but you can go also for hp/mana via dual class and sp-mage skills. I have it on my overlord/pp. Second thing I use only one Chaos Symphony for large macroses if regen is really bad at location, or do not use it at all. That's why I have so many macroses. PS. Don't forget also Battle Ditty buff, it gives a lot for mana regeneration.
  12. Tips for newbies with in-game macroses.

    I expect ... wait , wait fot it... nothing. Thank you.
  13. Tips for newbies with in-game macroses.

    Thank you for your advice mixa. But, looking at folks' reaction, I realised that I spent too much time even without voiceovers. Let supports just stay and do nothing, because they "can't heal and debuff in the same time". I saw that many times.. I didn't show all tricks yet, but posting here is not interesting for me anymore. Today(yeah, too late) I realized that it's just a bad traffic.
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    They are so funny
  15. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    How will new system work with the dark castle owners?
  16. Put S/S80-grade items for sale in NPCs

    have light and heavy vorpal.. pm
  17. 16th Anniversary Boxes

    I like the idea with the mails.
  18. WTT

    Radiant Foresight +5 for Authority +5. TY. CU "LordDragnil
  19. I remember the ugly elf drawing got top prize.. so.. It doesn't matter.
  20. What are you talking about? 1. They can devalue content easy and they do. eX: Back to the transformation seal books, HEAR, etc. 2. It's okay when people pay more for premiere. 3. That's really bad pay more than people who used items for a long time. eX: Cloaks at ncw.
  21. by the way: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n7ozod5x7yeck3e/Shot00116.bmp?dl=0
  22. man, no edit 1920x1080
  23. Suit Appearance

    It's not a bug, it's a feature 🙊