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  1. Here I was looking for solutions for current game problems.... For your eyes, read the gdoc link. If you have any suggestions, write it.
  2. If so.. that's so stupid, because I will lose mobility anyway... If it will work like this, I will looking for better service provider. I am not ready to set up my bios each time when I want to play this. I still think that problem is in new ($hit) launcher, not in client. ps. I am loading eu/jp clients to test on my old. pps. I am not planning to create and test new death knight class here. I will select another one company. These can not handle own services...
  3. Ordered next day they said that I need something much powerful.. But I must wait till next monday, cuz this ain't usual config you can buy in any shop(here for sure): rtx card+ryzen, 16 ram, 1tb ssd... Just interesting... @Juji I wasted 2 weeks, can you add at least one week timer? PS. For all, not just for me. We will continue celebrate.
  4. Just waiting for my brand new laptop with RTX graphics.. Hope that would be enough... Have a feeling that russian and japanesse clients still can launch without problems on my old.. Need find the time to test it. You also guys, try to test it.
  5. Guys, please send me screenshot (1080p) of Levi Heavy +10. I need it for comparison. Thank you.
  6. I have some free time atm. Please wait I will prepare
  7. - 1 week prestige - 1 week destiny - 1 week event settings ( limited time jewelry and consumables) - 1 week collection coin (+5% dmg) -1 week preparing unboxing content... @Juji, @Hime, @LIME I hope that you consider to extend counter for event things at least for all when you resolve the problem. Also you're still giving Energy of Destruction as possible reward from loot boxes. Can you make this item at least useful to make tradable Wings of Splendor... or for items upgrade as alternative Dawn Crystals? These items, at least, fit the lore of main version. u
  8. @Akurasix thank you, when I will be back at home, I will check task manager. I remember that I started it by accident when I was updating. But then I turned it off during the startup process .. I will investigate in few hours..
  9. Man, I have installed Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code... But, thank you. I appreciate your help.
  10. I've changed country in the settings, tried via vpn (usa adress) , disabled antivirus... etc.. and all I wrote before
  11. What is the purpose of asking my date of birth, please give an answer?
  12. @Juji @Hime @LIME what is going on? What the devs broke at this time?
  13. Honestly, this is only item keeping me here. If they nerf them I gonna leave. Other things I can find elsewhere.. PS. When I say "I", I mean that players like me probably decide the similar.
  14. Wasting runes, wasting event time, wasting my time to check what is happen..... Not at the first time.. #ncwest ...
  15. UPD. Whole night downloaded client, reinstalled. Nothing changed.
  16. My Windows has license 100%... I don't even know what is this... I reinstalled launcher, deleted ans updated system folder. Nothing changed. They "updated" launcher, but made it useless... Maybe year ago I asked about keeping tokens into it not logins like now. And more of them, not only 5... Enable-disable two factors authentication.. Nothing... They added Europe region and there is no L2 option.... OMFG... I pay Destiny+events and these guys do something useless... LOL Ok, I'll take a break here, but let me finish runes.
  17. Hi, guys! Does anybody knows how to fix this issue? I've got this after last update with errors. TY in advance.
  18. I recommend you invest some money in programming keypad/mouse. You will be able to use it whatever game you play. Just bind to the button on/off toggle launching pressed keys serie.
  19. Albert Einstein You bought things and used them for months-years before they became cheaper. Many things are still so expensive. And now you QQ. Don't buy anything and suck waiting for updates.
  20. 1-2 year old items and you make discounts 25% only? Keep it up... I simply won't go to buy. Good luck, marketers.
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