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  1. upd. That's me. I am the archer who frequently stays on spots that parties likes. And.. I don't like being red.
  2. Man, const parties have sws+pom(victory) so what?
  3. So will you play always with your pocket pom. hm.. So what about clan/party activities? If you are main assist dd, then you're lucky and 1 of 2 party poms is on you. What's about random groups? Topic is borring. Last thing. Atm, all archers are exping in low level party locations. So people in parties have less places and they're unable to fight against these solo players. How do you like it, Elon Musk?
  4. Keep in touch: ATM, I collect some data to standardize application form and prepare video assets. All accepted videos will be uploaded here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWWxbB9jMHoOIaLQQZ1rNdQ?view_as=subscriber and will placed here (sooner.. or later ) : http://mmovie.tv
  5. Show how you felt or still feel by playing. What you like the most about the game. The video should be entertaining. Crap is not allowed! I don't think that somebody will be able to lure people making up adena arts, but if your idea is good, then try to implement it. There are no restrictions on the presentation, but it would probably be great if the clips had some kind of plot/idea.
  6. It looks like nobody want to do something. Only cry. So I just leave it here. I don't need professional filmmakers. I'm not planning on hiring any of you. Remember that. I will work on it whole next year even with only one participant. Rules (will discus and may update it): 1. I have 2 points for vote, each judge has only one. I pay, it's fair. 2. Only new videos are allowed to participate. 3. One day, one video. Live queue: first in, first out. 4. Deadline is 22th day of month. If you don't meet the deadline, your premiere will be postponed to the next month
  7. No matter level or gear, server or country. Make 3-5 min video and join in. Are you interested?
  8. Blah blah blah. If you want land some damage, you need build for that. But.. It means you need gear for support and for attack. Do you really want play as DD on support class?
  9. I agree, but make it loot for prestige pack subscribers. Hate mass botting.
  10. Made few shirts for toons. I took like 7-20 scrolls per attempt for +5. Firstly, I enchant by +3 if it's getting enchanted. Then depends on how it goes I wait or enchant upon to +5.
  11. What??? It depends on tier. Top Yul > Top Feoh, Mid Yul $ Mid Feoh, Low Yul < Low Feoh. People who cry because of the 30% critical hit cap of the mage ... Mages can critically hit mobs with level +++. Yuls can get max. chance of a critical hit against mobs with --- level.
  12. M. Crit has the cap. You need normal Valakas's neclace, some stuff and buff to reach the cap.
  13. It will be another one comming out, ... I am ok with that nerf. But what is completely wrong that it touched low/mid gear only. Want new players on the server? Forget it. Developers must play their own games. That would be the best punishment or joy. The game has no content for last 3 years or even longer.
  14. Kill that class then. Let nobody plays as archer. There are many games around. cya at the event time
  15. Man, what are you talking about? Party exp or solo? What the heck use Barrage in solo farm?
  16. I don't think that you're good as Othel, if you said that.. Your class aoe skill has fast cooldwn/cast, make it +11 and keep the mobs under permanent Hex (-5% P. Def). The skill has a good critical. IDK, how other knives, but spoiler has also mass spoil (as fast as previous skill) and buff for group. And don't forget cast poison cloud. Adequate archers with equal to your gear never ask you to leave.
  17. LoL, nope. You're talking about top archers. In the middle tier, any AOE wizard would be better. For some zones it requires tank to pull to the point, but PI, SW, Tanor, FoM, FoS and many more like that no need even puller.. PS. Middle tier means not oneshot whole spot in lvl-to-lvl area*
  18. Dreadnoughts or Doombringers are very good as mentee. With some gear you grow up quickly.
  19. 1-3 scrolls w/o, almost the same with 200% rune.. when disconnects not so hard and, if I have good connection, I go P/SI and run my macro. Login/relogin many chars with that stupid launcher is annoying. I should make post about that, but I am sure that #nc devs will never read or will ignore. So I'm not in hurry with that...
  20. Pum pum pum... Long time ago when I built my archer I made it with +15 Str and never go Dex. I also had all skills (the corresponding ones) for Focus, but when they introduced agathions/artifacts I changed to penetration. ATM, we have to use new tattoos STR/DEX or STR/Something. But... If you'rr ok to spend, going dex way, you will be able to get back 99% critical for your bowman even w/o d-bows. Proof : https://youtu.be/QioNkB98FpA Old forums are good thing, but you'd better find dUdot's/Exequtor's/4r4m's discord.
  21. Reduce everything and remove all skills. I don't really care. LOL
  22. Who that said? What kind of game? Is the game gets better? "you must have items minimum for 3000-5000$. Till this moment... all your experience just "im see in youtube".I think time to stop this discussion - my boxes higer then 1100 place, and im play just sometimes - have job, prival life." You need even more money to spend if you have a few playable toons. You need even more time to spend if you test and play different classes. I am solo player. I prefer to play whenever and whatever I like. That's why I throwed my money not in only one character, but in my own mini party
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