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  1. 22 hours ago, Slycutter said:

    I see three issues we clear out fairly quickly if the powers that be want to.

    1.  Crafting it broken because of ether cannot be traded or sold required for all crafts but insane amounts no one can farm for a long time creating less gear crafts keeping the price of gear inflated.

    2.  Elycum no way to effectively farm makes upgrading gear abusively expensive when adena and gemstones needed to upgrade already make it expensive not even counting the bloody and dark stones.

    3.  No one has a use for much of ether they do possess especially on alts with low luck.


    Part 1. = Remove all ether from all recipes keep them the same otherwise, material now have a value, they can be farm sold and gear can be crafted again.  Lower level people can farm mats to make some adena or save up to craft gear for a 60% chance as always was.

    Part 2. = what do with all this ether that is bound?  Simple 100 ether = 1 full elycum.  You say but that will crash the elycum market.  Yes maybe in the short term, long term balance so people can farm some elycum or sell it for adena to help get gear they do need.

    Part 3. = gear is more plentiful gear has value even unenchanted or unbloody/dark because people can now farm a way to upgrade it.  Economy starts to rebalance at least on normal weapons and amours, you still have the insane jewels, and dragon weapons that cannot be fixed but helps lift all toons within the economy if they work on it themselves.

    um.. release one secret (expected many likes under this post 🤣) you are able to craft armour spirit stones with ether and sell them off or put them into.... BUT chance is 60%. I've tested almost the same buy from ah or craft.. Perhaps lucky boosted char is required idk.

  2. 5 hours ago, Weenz0x1 said:

    Mail auhto is a safety measure. Would be good if they added the option to use an authenticator app tho, much safer. They have it on Blade and Soul as far as i know.

    Skill learning is problematic since you need rune stones, gr. rune stone, forgotten books etc. to learn some of them, and at lv.108+ you can't learn all skills at once when you lvl up, since the SP cap is 50b, you need to choose which to learn first. 

    Are you from dev team? 😃 Think not about problem, think about solution.

    We all use login/pass then pin. How is this possible bypass that?  Simple pwd/pin is  a user's problem. I just ask to make mail optional.

    If I want choose I am able to do this old way, but if I want learn all I will use this button. 

  3. Disconnects

    Do something with that. Destiny/Prestige is running out while people is afk.   Should we buy subscription for vpnfast-like services additionally? I don't think so 😐


    I remember Newerwinter  Nights (many new games also have a similar UI), I played with a whole team switching between characters.. In L2 we do the same by using different instances(windows) for each character. I am ok with characters limit per machine (let the folks buy more hardware 😏).

    BUT.. can you keep different accounts logged in the launcher? It is important. Every day few times per day after each disconnect I'm going to login/relogin trader/buffer/support account. It annoy sometime so hard that I just leave  and play/do something else. 

    Mail authorisation

    That is additional pain in a$$.  I change my location few times per year and some places have not static IPs. Every time after disconnect I forced to come trough mail authorisation. Incredibly annoying. Why can't we choose on which characters  we'd like to disable it?

    Is this good UX practices? 

    Skills learning

    Add the button "Learn all". It's boring to learn a bunch of skills every minute every level up until 100. And "smart" guys may say, "You do it only once..". My answer is, "so what?". We're live in 3rd century atm. 

    Fix the fifth (additional) skill bar

    I remember it was a 5th row by default, now it's copy of 4th. What's problem to keep settings stored for that one or even for all rows.

  4. 8 hours ago, Whatif said:

    .. imagine You hit normal hit 50k ad critical 500k  so  feoh in 10 secs will hit 3x  500k  7x 50k , while  other class who has 100% crit rate will hit 10x 500k  within 10 seconds. You got my point right  ? this will be something 1.8m vs 5m damage.  End of story.


    sh*ty math. Mobs have got reduced m. def. 

    Old story about cap.. 

  5. 7 hours ago, Weenz0x1 said:

    You can ask them before trying to enchant if it's still elegible for restoration, you know that right?

    I did that with a weapon, they said it was elegible, it broke, i wrote a ticket and got it back, simple.

    I didn't know. I just came to AH, bought, failed. Few seconds. The item is from eligible type. 

    I have a capture, but **** you all: if this sh*t happens for years I think that's an issue.  99% of yo'all are  never looking for solutions. 

    Is that hard to save customers and support time adding icon informing about restore?

    Services are provided in the worst possible way. All that NCWest does is nothing.



    It change nothing in my life. I didn't come here to cry like most of you, I'm just informing.

    Actually, this is a dilemma for me, I could buy more coins and get what I want, but on the other hand, do I want to wallow further in this swamp?

  6. Bought NC. Sold. Bought from AH thing. Enchanted (among the same type items). Failed (don't wanna talk here how low rates they made). Submitted ticket. GMs said, we can't help. Really?

    They don't follow own policies:


    The NCSOFT Support Team reserves the right to make exceptions depending on the context of the request, and the standing of the requester's account




    1. Guy who sold this item by AH got profit.

    2. NCWest got profit been selling coins.

    3. Customers side and point totally ignored

    Why don't you mark the items been restored already?

    #ncwest is the best. 😏

  7. Okay. I spent much time trying set up spreadsheets auto filling from g.forms with different add-ons, but got error...

    I found that Discord shall be enough for applications. Also everybody will be able to track events in the feed of channel.


    News also will be there:


    There are all video assests. !!!

    You can use version I made or make your own from them. You must integrate and show intro before main clip.

  8. Something went wrong with Google Forms Publisher. I need more time to set this up. Video assets also...

    Required info is like this(welcome to disqus):

    1. Title (of your movie)

    2. Nickname (your well known most commonly used)

    3. Server(Server details) - not neccessary 4. patreon.com or buymeacoffee.com - your payment link (REQUIRED)

    5. Credits (if you want to say something or you have included royalty free music; your YT/Twitch channels/Other)

    6. Link to GDrive video file shared only for mmomoviecontest@gmail.com


    By granting me access to the file, you automatically give me all the necessary rights to post it on the network without any restrictions. This is necessary so that when you see dislikes under your video, you do not rush to me asking you to delete the video. I have no desire to engage in such nonsense.

  9. I'd like you to get right what you can take part in. Nobody has done this before. (At least I don't know anyone.) And we have everything to make it.

    In 2022, they will launch Lineage 2 Remastered, and this version will sink into oblivion. And then someday, 10 years later, you will want to show someone what you spent your best years for. And, you see, it will be cool if you can then say: "Look, it's mine... I did it."

    If you would like to support or express gratitude, please welcome, I will post a link for Patreon/BMC. If you don't want to, that's okay. I collect participants Patreon or BuyMeaCoffee accounts/links because I don't wanna waste my time figuring out how to transfer rewards to the winners. This shouldn't be my problem.

    If you decide to sit back and wait for everything to go, then I hack your system to hell. Every month, among all the participants, I will give away another 50 bucks to anyone who is lucky. (I value work more than mere luck.) Since this is a pilot and last month, it will be attached to next year. Thus, all participants of this month will have thirteen attempts. Now add here that they can participate 12 times for a whole next year. What are the odds to get a reward? I think much more than NCsoft offers each "event".

    BUT, if you want your video to be accepted, work on it to make it worth at least those hundred dollars. Think over the plot, musical accompaniment. Don't forget about the technical requirements. You must understand that if you make a PVP video, then we will look at your skills (of course: we are all players); if it will be some kind of story we will evaluate the plot, for example.

    Good luck.

  10. 14 minutes ago, Dagger said:

    POM is always used, or victories (small diff), get out of here

    Why not say "now go without DEX dyes" while you're at it lol

    So will you play always with your pocket pom. 

    hm.. So what about clan/party activities? If you are main assist dd, then you're lucky and 1 of 2 party poms  is on you. What's about random groups?

    Topic is borring.

    Last thing. Atm, all archers are exping in low level party locations. So people in parties have less places and they're unable to fight against these solo players. How do you like it, Elon Musk?

  11. Show how you felt or still feel by playing. What you like the most about the game.

    The video should be entertaining. Crap is not allowed! 😄

    I don't think that somebody will be able to lure people making up adena arts, but if your idea is good, then try to implement it.

    There are no restrictions on the presentation, but it would probably be great if the clips had some kind of plot/idea.


  12. It looks like nobody want to do something. Only cry. So I just leave it here.

    I don't need professional filmmakers. I'm not planning on hiring any of you. Remember that.

    I will work on it whole next year even with only one participant.

    Rules (will discus and may update it):

    1. I have 2 points for vote, each judge has only one. I pay, it's fair.

    2. Only new videos are allowed to participate.

    3. One day, one video. Live queue: first in, first out.

    4. Deadline is 22th day of month. If you don't meet the deadline, your premiere will be postponed to the next month.

    5. Promote only game. Server info is not allowed in the video. (Be careful with titles and other things.) Use description for credits and details.

    6. Put idea and video editing first. Gear, level, class, chronicles, server and country are no matter.

    7. If you won, you skip next circle.


    For editors:

    1. $100 to the month winner, $10 to random participant.

    2. $1000 in the end of year to the winner of the year. If winner of the month and winner of the year is the same person, then $600 to him, $100 for second place and $300 to random participants.

    For subscribers:

    1. As soon as channel reach 1000 followers $100 for 1 random subscriber.

    Video requirements:

    It's 16:9. FullHD or better. 30/60 fps. Length from 200-400 seconds. .H263, .264, .mp4 or other formats pre-rendered with maximum compatibility to YouTube (there are many presets around).

    Video must follow YouTube policies.

    First 5 seconds (or more but not less) you mention that this made especially for contest.


    Good luck! 



    Additional info is coming soon.

  13. 16 minutes ago, Murkan said:

    Good night (Using Google Translate)

    Honestly, DDs complain too much, NCsoft has been creating several and several items that benefit DDs, DDs are getting to do absurd damage of more than 300 k, and archers is a DD that has been improved and just because they decrease a little critical chance, complain too much. 

    Do you know who is being nerfed nonstop? The supporters, Sigel, Iss and Healer, they are being nerfed, because Ncsoft ended, ended the countless quests where they were needed, and helped players of these classes to evolve together, all to encourage players to play PVE as they were before the GOD.

    The supports have been left aside, if they hold an event, the supports are not benefited, we cannot make Castilha right, we have difficulties, even with good equipments, I see Feoh and archers lvl 105, 106 manage to make Castilha lvl 110 and get up fast, a Healer, a Sigel and an Iss can't do that. Everything in this game is done to privilege you DDs, because NCsoft even increases the P.Defense and M.Defense of the Npcs to not make it easier for the DDs, however this absurdly harms the supports.

    We go to the Olympics, and those who get along, are always the DDs, because the supports have no advantages, because as they are class that give low damage, and the time of the Olympics is short, they always give you DDs advantages.

    Let's talk about the PVE places, I'm Sigel, I can call several mobs, but Sigel kills slowly, and what I see most is several archers in automatic mode with a skill in the area, kill all my mobs for example, or even with their area skills to totally clean up the mobs of that place, harming even the DDs that kill one by one for example.

    The truth is, the archers are complaining that their skills in the area are not giving the same amount of critical as before, and as this is how they recover HP, that's why they are complaining, NCsoft ruined the game by destroying the supports, and by absurdly boosting the damage of all DDs, the supports are no longer needed, only in a few and rare exceptions are the supports necessary. Today what we see is always DDs with an Iss because they need buffs and a healer, and even then the Healers are being replaced by the Iss that has healing in the area.

    Unfortunately, even if a support buys several items that increase their damage, the damage of the supports will remain absurdly low, as the supports are not class that benefit so much from increased critical demage, power atack, because their passive skills do not are geared towards that.

    And then, archer players complain that their skills in areas are not hitting several critics as before that is preventing them from healing. Remember, the game was born just for that, DDs are paper, but they do high damage, Tanke takes damage, but low damage, healer heals, this strengthens with his buffs, but as NCsoft has been potentiating the DDs so much that it seems that they forgot these details, but the supports remember well, as they are still weak for PVE, they are still weak for PVP, as they continue to do low damage and cannot take anything else, because even in that Ncsoft has been damaging the supports, because they increase the damage of Mobs to trying to fight DDs in this increased damage to them, and so it also harms the supports even more.

    Blah blah blah. If you want land some damage, you need build for that. But.. It means you need gear for support and for attack. Do you really want play as DD on support class?

  14. 13 minutes ago, MyMageOfL2 said:

    Mage damage output is way lower than archer for sure with the same set of gears.

    Mage get the same distance nerf like Archer. Didn't you know that?


    It depends on tier.

    Top Yul > Top Feoh, Mid Yul $ Mid Feoh, Low Yul < Low Feoh.

    People who cry because of the 30% critical hit cap of the mage ... Mages can critically hit mobs with level +++. Yuls can get max. chance of a critical hit against mobs with --- level.

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