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  1. You speak about nubs, and speak as one of them. Sigel is one of most powerful classes in game. You just need to realize your strength.
  2. This is literally a medieval game. Probably you immediately thought about the video graphics. But, only in the Middle Ages armor and warrior's weapons cost a lot of money and were passed from father to son.. And they still believe that their economic system is successful...
  3. What patchnotes are you talking about, folks? Get ready your money, pixel warriors. *ROFL* Ok, need few weeks for translation, few weeks for voice over, but what dev team did during this time. Right, they was preparing for you update with one more way to make cloaks legendary. *LOL* In future update they will bring to us new event with crappy jewelry with low chances (as you/they like) for enchant. Price for +10 earring/necklace will be more than 100 kkk. For that money, that amazing artefact should be useful in real life: must charge the batteries and heal from the illness.
  4. If you have 2 toons, you can buff party rose from one of them.
  5. This night, right after patch I was be able to logging in. But after, when I got disconnected, I was no be able to login more. I was trying about 20 times: 5 before reboot, more than 10 after. I have run one window, second window, and both of them wasn't be able to connect. It was looks like login server cannot respond to client. I was trying to connect also to Chronos. I got options: no any answer , just server selection screen, and "already in use". You do not have a test server? Congratulations. I applaud you standing..
  6. I guess purchase items from store is much better than put bots on spots.
  7. Can you say another words what do you want?
  8. They do not work correctly. That's all you need to know.
  9. I wanted to say about the same in the next reply. As I remember this statistic is similar for all NC's FtP projects. And I don't think this is just a bad season. I wanna pay money for fun and I am fighting fot that here. I can understand random rewards in game, but I can not understand why I should to pay for random rewards from store. Moreover, the chance is very low, and the prices are too high. That's why NC West players, compared to others localizers, looks like homeless people.
  10. Dude, can you show your panel? I am 99% sure, if you are pvp player, you have not such skills as Fairy's touch on that or it is not one of your hotkeys at least. With aquamarine and boost of hp in future (by dragon weapons) nobody will interested to be healed by 0.5% of hp bar. Ok, continue to think that the healers do not need a reorganization. Don't belive me, but in future they will add more "new" skills. Let take a look where you will put them. About L2 concept: Where did I say it is simple? I just said that should be rebuilded or NCWest, as localizer, will find themselves
  11. I think not bad that exist people whos easily can spend each month 1-2-3k usd for pixels. But what if I want buy some items for solo gaming too? Should I wait until they became disappointed and will leave game trying to sell them (obtained items). I just wanna buy items right from store. Ok, let it be time-limited. But I will not participate in lotteries. It is another type of game what is not interested for me. I am trying to say give people that, for what they would like to pay. Not top, just base and suitable in game environment equipment. ATM each event is scam.
  12. As dagger I rather pick dwarf. For pve is the best: party buff, spoil, +30% pve dmg, race skill -1% of cooldown, more luck by default.
  13. Before it expired you should get 95+ and need R95 weapon and armor. But it is "hard way" for newbie ( to get whole r95 equipment). Better buy one more paulina set from store ( via gifting for adena or by own money) and use this until 99. 95+ lvl - you will buy r95 weapon of class, 99+ lvl - you will buy armor 99 and put there 120 of each attribute. U will continue to use paulina's jewelry set until got your own.
  14. Cmon.. Feel the difference between PVP, TVT, PVE. Ofc, mages and archers are top in TVT. But it is not about DPS, it's just about attack range.
  15. lol. Is this normal to spend 250 usd for making legendary? I can not understand what Bable2 trying to say.. For being top player you no need to buy any shit of their store. Go better buy bot for this money and put him like other "tops" in locations where drop exists. They push us along this path. What am I trying to say? ATM NCWest continues to kill payable part of own community. They still think that expensive rewardless events are interesting for people. They're holding us for fools.They do not appreciate our time and money. Customer satisfaction? Have not heard. PS.
  16. Hi everyone. I wanted to give this list early, but I had other things to do. Below I will touch on the problems of Lineage 2 that I see and how I see them. As you see them, you can write in the comments. # 01. Decrease the number of skills As a person who plays on almost all classes (excluding daggers and summoners) I can confidently say that the number of skills that we have is excessive. For TVT each DD use a maximum 4 of attacking skills, for PVP he add another 2-3 skills of control like knockdown/stun/yoke/etc. One row is enough to place them all and w
  17. I see many people wanted to be able run servers/torrents/etc in the same time when they are plying in l2.. Idk why they leave in autoload many dev-things. May be lineage in background helps them work better... or they play with this better.. I wanted mostly only one: do not turn off shields of my antivirus every time when I log in into the game. It's borring and non-secure. Software: Avast Antivirus, vpn, streaming/capturing tools, mouse/keypad/gamepad/keyboard/... tools. I guess, all other was noticed.
  18. IDK wtf, but it was interesting to watch his streams..
  19. Libra will start June 20. It's 90-100% chance ( depends of ur luck ^^ ).
  20. Ha?.. But u did it [twice in previous post]. Our opinions here are worthless. I am fed.
  21. I do not know anything about your work and how hard you worked on it. But I can tell you what I did before sent my. I traveled all over the continent on a byke in search of a suitable place. For each option I wrote /loc and took a screenshot (half of this places are runner up) . Then, as it usually happens, I decided that all this does not suit me and started preparation in another place. The main idea was "Rest after heavy battles". I tried to invite more people through the world chat for a big party photo, but we have a passive server. So I wanted to make a screenshot more fun, adding
  22. 1. Thank you all referee and participants. I'm glad that my screenshot was selected and has been placed with so different and creative screen-works. "Catshot" made me smile. ^^ 2. Everyone who saw dUdot's video understand that is top work. 1st place (not even runner-up) looks like big mistake. I'm disappointed. PS. All video-makers knows how much time it takes. ( Even my screenshot preparation took more than 5 h and I don't count place-seeking time.) #NCwasted ?
  23. Harvest test Resume : don't waste your money.
  24. I guess whole p2w stuff should be in store. Events - for bundles, sales and new items.
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