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  1. Dude, do you feel the difference between braces and sigils? Also, here in game, bowmans wear gloves. So your braces are redundant. PS. I know what the bow is.
  2. That's because you play dagger. (Seems like it's also one-target DD). But It will be my last day on Main, if they bring that shit here.
  3. Magla, I dissagree. Multiple Arrows and Arrow Rain are inspired by real.
  4. They can not handle large population of players...
  5. I say only one thing: whales require big ocean, but not little swamp.
  6. I warned yа'all. PS. Don't compare with Innova cuz almost everyone middle core player are running there with DW. PPS. I laughing a lot from devs, game designers or whoever decision makers. Last years, they produce trash by trash. For example, look back at sigils with the bows: in real, any archer don't use sigils; in game mechanics/economy, they removed consumables (giving +5%), but added second slot for item with almost the same benefits. Probably, it was made to reduce evasion, but it doesn't look that way.
  7. They mocking us. ? upd. What did you get from skunk event? I was there only once and I'm sure that was right decision.
  8. 7 sings talisman, Abundance talisman L4 or Abu. L1 + Antharas earring Blessed edition, Artifact book L1 with clean artifacts, PVE attack/PVE deffence belt from Oly, +5 P.def/M.def charm and upgrade your circlet (or buy later +5). But 1st of all is your 101 aura. All these things will give you great survival and damage boost for main and dual. Heavy set ain't so good on archers.
  9. +7 is good, but not much. +10 with augm is good enough +15+ overpriced atm I like how it fits my char, all benefits are very useful in case.
  10. For archers with DW or somewhat this nerf ain't so hard as for middle core and newbies. You count 10 to 5 %. But in real, it's over 50% reduction in critical. In other words, archers will give 2x less dmg (in case you have enough items). So as always, idea is not so bad, but implementation completely wrong. Devs overcome themselves each time.
  11. I see in upcoming patch you will nerf archers. I am sure you will ignore, but It would be good if it apply for that ones who reached 110 at least. But, as always, it's just the top of the iceberg.
  12. I don't want to run around with a bow that looks like an airplane wing. My wizard also need more +++ staff, but I really like the appearance I have..
  13. They're unable to understand that folks have many boxes, so exp won't stop if people will see results.. I 'd like to play on different classes, but they're pushing to the only one.
  14. With what kind of gear? 108 lvl: Castilla 110 + IT give less than 1%. I put my chars on macro, but disconnects are really boring. Sitting all day long absolutely unacceptable for me. I have 700% boost atm.
  15. Perhaps, he's talking about that paulina R was time limited. Then, in his case, go to the store, buy r99 paulina for 500 nc and go on. It will be enough to make Lionel's quests. Or create new DD and pull up oldies.
  16. really why... Man, I was there with yul lvl-to-lvl, checking mobs. With a mage or warlord, I guess, I can stay there solo. But archer is a bad tank.
  17. Just came to say thanks. For settings, for info, for event.
  18. The best lay out for archer is 6lvl. god's jewels..
  19. For 107-108 wizards we have Tanor/FOS/Aligators, but there are no free spots. Could you adjust exp in Refinery? This place is almost empty all the time.
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