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  1. Body to mind Necro

    Should i level necro body to mind more than level 2?
  2. vicious stance on destro

    Vicious stance working? Should i max it on destro?
  3. destro dyes

    str +4 con-5 dex+4 con-5 or its too much and go for str+4 only?
  4. Destro Skills

    Which skills should i focus first on destro? I exp with 2 archers together (so not solo)
  5. destro 55lvl exp spots

    Where to exp 55lvl destro(biggest mistake is i have cleric 26 lvl as buffer)? Top c-grade weapon (npc giran) , compound armor,gloves,boots (not helmet yet) with C jewels. Also should i focus on passive skills first?(weapon mastery,2handed weapon mastery,heavyarmor mastery,rage,frenzy,guts of course) then fatal strike and then excruciating strike?
  6. Exp question/sp question as destro

    what about quake attack/fatal strike?
  7. Exp question : Destro 52 lvl with EE 52 lvl where to go exp? D-grade set/C-grade weapon. SP question : should i learn armor // weapon-mastery for my destro or active skills ? i mean which skills should focus as destro for pve?
  8. Exp question/sp question as destro

    When you mean passive e.x. Twohanded master+ Weapon Mastery ?