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  1. This is dumb,are u guys serious? U understand nc soft can create adena since is its game right? Whats the point of taking a part of money from an adena seller when u own the creation of adena?
  2. Is true that ppl prefer TH (more tanky,dash,mirage) and AW (more dmg,probably best dagger for dealing highest dps) over PW,but all daggers are good in pvp if u know how to play them (of course with +5 dyes here they are already less and if runes will not be implemented like they are in other server probably they all will be quite useless). More deeply,after 78 TH is probably the worst,focus death makes a big difference,and even if u have the rune,it doesnt raise up your chance by the % it declares (experiments were made on skelth about this),so even with rune AW/PW > TH after 78 for stab
  3. There are 2 options : - u like to play 15h a day killing same mob in same place with an archer (most boring char ever),buying from shop (legal or illegal) to sustain u or killing with no shots - u cheat Honestly,i would hope for u u are in the second option. p.s. "TALENTED" to make pve in L2 with an archer?y,u need to have so many skill to press f1.
  4. Ok you made your decision. Now,since the model of this "F2P" is this,can we have a server P2P where one can play the game not boring himself to kill mobs forever with no shots or having to run all the map around?Seems many ppl like this,so they can play this..thing u call server. This garbage is done for me,i think for many others too,honestly to like L2 is ok,being taken for fools no,so if in your mind to play the game we have to pass life to make toons lowlvl to have some adena,since a mob at lvl 30 drop more than a mob lvl 50 "as intended",well..i just can feel sorry for the ppl who s
  5. It's ok if u can get them in game,if u can get them ONLY in the shop no,it's not ok. It's not a light thing,pk scroll will change the way u play. the free buff is only until 40,isnt it?
  6. Oh god are they tradable too? So they start selling basicly adena in the shop. Nice
  7. Pk scroll or no-pk scroll is a key thing in this game,i really dont understand how u could put something like this in a shop that till now was a pve shop. Casual ppl is already affected by your ridicolously fixed server,with this u open the way to harrasment from high lvls and strong cp. Bot businessman could just lvl some high lvl and protect bot spot pkpping ppl 20 lvl less,this will lead to a game more annoying than already is.
  8. At high lvls u cant pvp with summoner heals..but yes,in pve a summoner can do your job even better at least until 70+. Honestly if u main a BP u need to find a CP,having it as a main and play solo it's quite a pain.
  9. In classic power of heals are related to mg atk,so more mg atk u have more u heal. Shield honestly will not make enough difference to compensate the loss of mg atk in my opinion.
  10. He can be wrong using beast ss to farm in solo in a place where mobs are white or more for him,but central point is that we are playing a server where u have to reroll a toon lvl 20 to make some adena. With this posts u will always get some fixed answers like "in the old times we..." or "u just cry",for some ppl is normal that a mob lvl 30 drops more adena than a mob 20 lvls higher,so i think u can just avoid their opinion cos they are missing some brain cells. Dont give up,they will have to fix it,because like this nobody will ever go more than C shop equipment,since before lvl 28 spoil
  11. Fact is that daily quests were introduced in antharas patch if i dont go wrong,that means it was YEARS after 1st release and they were introduced to let new ppl catch the others. Put them on a new server claimed as 1.5 is really stupid,but now u cant even remove them cos some ppl used them a lot and it would not be fair to the others..so it is what it is. 300 days to catch 75 is totally reasonable for a new server(considering normal ppl,not nolifers),it would not be reasonable in a some years old server like skelth when they introduced them. About aden quest,i made it a lot with a lot of
  12. Since nothing will fix the problem,and it seems having a couple of gm going around the tiny map we have is a fantasy,at least you can give some improvement: - give some reward if somebody report a bot with ticket and u actually find him botting.Adena,runes,half inventory of the bot,whatever u decide to - put back dropping on death by mobs,now they can just exp and farm with top D weapons,later they will with +++ weapon.Sure this will lead to some harrassment to normal players,but harrassment only lead to pvp,it's not so bad,and it's nothing ppl cant handle.honestly,all the changes u mad
  13. Dear bot friend,u have to wait before u can logoff,maybe u are too busy in botting to know the basics of the game,i explain you how i killed them all and all their cats twice so u will have to wait 1h to be back in business: - i made a train - i run to you - i waited the necessary time - i logged off my pleasure.
  14. I just killed like 10 bots like this,hope is not u,because if it is u.. But i have my suspects,no live player can be killed like this,u just run and rr.
  15. So,you change the drop/adena/spoil rate after 2 years of "investigation",admitting finally in this way they were bugged but..u change them only in some areas. I really cant see the logic. I wonder What is the rest of the map for,maybe it's a decoration. So in 40+ we are forced to be in cruma,why? U pick these areas randomly,or u just liked the name? No raise in DV,IT,SOS but hey,now forgotten temple is fine.
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