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  1. Hello all, Just curious if any players from NA had any thoughts on the servers. I chose Giran because I figured I'd have an easier time communicating although the timezone differs by 6 hours, as the majority of the server does speak English (bilingual in many cases). It has been an enjoyable experience, but finding a clan has been a bit more difficult (likely a lack of effort though xD). I was considering Talking Island in the earlier days, but it was rumored that the majority of the users migrating there spoke primarily Spanish (not that anything is wrong with this, it just serves as
  2. I believe he's laughing because there was a similar issue with the Dark Elf village spider quest for about a month and a half after launch - the advertised award was 1k, but the actual reward was 3.2k. It was a running joke that launch was a "spider simulator" because the quest was broken, and the majority of the people abused it for their initial adena (top NG and low to mid D). A few got lucky and got full top D weapons from Halloween event though, so it is what it is.
  3. TI bit more PvE oriented, set for NA time zone, primarily latin american but some NA players Giran is a bloodbath, EU timezone, primarily EU and some NA players It depends on your personal preference.
  4. Welcome to Lineage 2. First, start by creating a character, then choose your race and class.
  5. I did this a couple days ago and they were super responsive and helpful. Thanks NCWest! I won't ever enchant again.
  6. PM or mail in game: Bluff
  7. Hello, I have three characters on the Giran server (21 Cleric, 18 Wiz, and 21 S Oracle), and I had been using the spider quest ("Sweetest Venom") as my primary source of income between the three characters on rotation. With the reward being nerfed from 3,200 to 1,000, there's now a huge gap in potential income, especially with the eventual need of D grade gear in the near future. Now that this quest has been nerfed to oblivion, are there any alternatives to earn income that could work for this level range? I'm at a loss as to what to do now, and any tips from veteran classic
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