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  1. Hola a todos! Somos un clan joven, nivel 2. Pero aspiramos a crecer, a nuestro ritmo. Somos jugadores casuales, argentinos y buscamos activos +22 con buena onda y ganas de contribuir! La idea es ayudarnos y progresar juntos! Aceptamos boxes/mochilas [por ahora]. Skill pasiva XP Gain +6% Crafter Servidor de Discord (en Español) Hacemos AOE partys! Cazamos juntos! Aspiramos a armar Raid Bosses si juntamos la suficientes miembros! International clan! (Main language is Spanish tho) Interesados Mail a Puby/Burk! O pueden aplicar via Clan Entry en
  2. Hey guys, I've been playing the Classic Version since launch, but I never really looked into the Live version, so I just wanted to know how the PK/PvP system worked in the LIVE version of the game. Couldn't find any specifications on official sites.
  3. Hi guys! I was leveling at Ol Mahum Checkpoint, and had this weird background change. Tweaking all video settings had no effect at all. I believe it's a persistent bug, so you´d be able to go with any character there and this should happen any time in any system.
  4. Herb drops do exist but its limited to Ruins of Agony & Despair (It's not the same system as in the Live version tho) Here's what the Official Patch Notes says: Source: https://www.lineage2.com/news/lineage-ii-classic-launch-patch-notes Energy Herbs New energy herbs have been added to the monsters in the Ruins of Agony and Ruins of Despair hunting zones. Herbs have a 38% chance to drop from monsters. Herb Effect Energy of Development XP/SP Gain +5% for 10 minutes. Pow
  5. Yep, I know this, and I do it. But I'd rather have no bug, than having to bypass one. Thanks for replying tho!
  6. This keeps happening... After killing a mob, I click on the next mob I want to kill, and then I press the "F1 key" (on the keyboard) that has the "attack" action button (the blue-one with the sword) and instead of attacking the *bleeping monster, it targets back the one I HAVE JUST KILLED. This is a REALLY OLD bug, I just can't believe it has not been fixed yet. Am I doing something wrong here? There's a reason for this to be happening that I'm not aware of? Keep the patches coming, Classic F2P needs more love PS: Might wanna move the thread to the "report a bug" section.
  7. Just a simple and probably stupid question. Is it a bannable offense to kill bots using a train of agro mobs?
  8. OMG ppl stop hating. Fixes are being made, just be patient.
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