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  1. Exp Buffs

  2. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Such a terrible, terrible decision.
  3. BodyBuilder is Bank. Weird of him to congrats himself, but whatever. He played a WL, and then was on a SH, and it would seem he got his hands on a Yaska mace ( Which isnt all that hard to do, its like 10 mil ish ), and decided to over enchant it. He had little to no need for it, neither of his "mains" could really use it, so why not? I would likely do the same thing if my funds allowed me to. Get a cheap Top C and go to town. There is a point where you dont really need to spend more on your character, and you can play around with things like this.
  4. Enchant exploit

    Not to mention the overenchanted weapon makes the next reroll easier and more profitable through less shots, time spent ,etc.
  5. Enchant exploit

    EU Server GMs did extensive tests with this same version. Fighter weapons are 66%, and mage weapons are 50%.
  6. Enchant exploit

    At this point = Life of server. EU/RU at 6-7 Weeks had +16 weapons. Tons of +10 or higher. Complaining about *maybe* 40 of them is lols.
  7. Enchant exploit

    At this point on russian and EU servers, there were +16 D grade weapons. Its not unusual. It is almost like a subgame to most hardcore L2 players. Gambling that can pay off big time. Its also pretty bling. For a game that is rather boring leveling, enchanting sure does keep your heart pumping. You also cant calculate enchants like that. A +10 fighter weapon has the same chance to go +11, as a +3 has to go +4. For these Top D Weapons, since the market was so inflated with them for the multi account afk stuff, that it was pretty easy to get large amounts of weapons together for enchant sessions, using the crystals that break as fuel for more EWD. To be honest, I am surprised that we havent seen much higher enchants as of yet.
  8. Thinking in a Paladin

    A number of tests were done on classic. Each holy weapon buff ( Aura, buff, dance etc ) only increases damage by roughly 3%. Paladin is not as bad as people are implying here. No tank is good for group pvp right now. Later on, Paladins get a group buff thats quite powerful ( different update version then what we are on ). Sacrifice is quite powerful in general for heals. The reason why people point to DA so often is Horror. Its got a stupidly high land rate, making them incredible in 1v1 pvp ( olympiad, etc ), and the panther is good for leveling solo ( which a tank really shouldnt do anyway ). Really you should probably be playing SK. Has great CC. Just as good in 1v1 PvP. Later gets a mass aoe paralyze. Has Aegis. Has Cubics, etc.
  9. So... I defended them last time to taking steps in the right direction ( baby steps at least )... This time its going backwards. Adena is not fixed. I spent most of my time wheeling and dealing to be able to afford a Top C weapon, and I can barely farm with that breaking even and only in very specific zones. I want to go to Sea of Spores? I lose twice what I gain. That was with ports being free. Now they are going to cost Adena again, with no changes to Adena drops... I am literally going to have to sell off this weapon to just be able to play the game, or reroll to another character ( Leaning towards reroll at this point ). The game is already naturally difficult to play... These current restrictions are making it painful.
  10. Not sure why all the backlash. It really doesnt matter what the Adena rates are on other versions of classic. As long as adena rates get fixed for 40+ areas, its fine. Adena rates are lower in even the "farmable" zones currently, but no one is complaining about that. It just needs to be consistent. They are clearly trying to fix issues that have happened with other versions of the game ( Hence, +5 max stats on dyes ). One of the problems is Adena. Once adena rates are fixed for 40+, you will start seeing far more bots in those areas as it is now profitable for them. Which means less mobs for you, and in turn, less adena/exp. I dont agree with the way they are going about the process, but its not the end of the world for them to take time to assess the situation. They acknowledged adena/spoil problems last week, and are already implementing fixes to zones, as well as free teleportation. They are trying. As for you spoilers complaining non stop, half of you are bots to begin with. There is no way there are that many spoilers running around. lol. But, there are plenty of good spoil spots currently where you can make good money. All of the spoilers/alt spoilers I know of are making 150k+ a hour in these spots. And lets be honest, Spoilers were OP in original lineage 2. You couldnt get anywhere without one. It is a good thing other classes can compete. Its the same reason why Mage weapon enchant rates are lower then physical. Some balance needs to be had.