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  1. Got your point, but first.. no one is asking for Free GK. We are asking for Adena FIX. Now second and more important. 95% or more are Casuals and not Hardcore, people dont have time to run to spots do dailies and lvl up and Farm Items 3-4 hours that you are talking about. If you want play with 5% or less of players so keep defending this absurd, but remember. Less People to Play and waste U$ means... more Pay to Win server direction is going on the future. How many of those 5% or less agree with P2W? Server should have rate EXP low than normal, so Casuals had to buy EXP bonus f
  2. It's not more logical decrease XP rate from mobs? because this decision would make people buy XP bonus from Cash Shop, instead decrease drop rate from Adenas and support gold sellers? What reason low Adena rate affect in Free to Play or P2P if you can't buy nothing to increase Adena rate from Cash shop? But you can increase XP rate from Cash shop. Think about it!
  3. Subjective opinions? LMAO, look at forum and find how many people are using NCShield like you, look last maintenance post and this one and back here with your "results". Stop being an bleep.
  4. Look this guy! Hahahahahahaah Drop your NCShield, you are alone fanboy. Learn it, People that Maintain the game are Casual not Hardcore, these Adena/Drop/Spoil rate are like out of season 1st April joke. FIX ADENA/DROP/SPOIL!
  5. Fix Adenas on those spots and others for the love of God!
  6. Bullshit, you can pvp in any spot. There is no reason to update just few areas while the majority of players don't level up there. FIX GOLD in All spots!
  7. Fix Adena drop in others SOLO spots! Not only 40+ spots are bugged. There are lvl 35+ solo spots bugged for Adena like Plains of Lizardmen, Hardin's Academy, tested and confirmed. So come on fix it!
  8. You guys should change Adena drop rate and Spoil based in others Classic Version, not just Lv40+ in some areas but in overall. These rate are too low. Most people are not interested in play ultra hardcore game, we are interested in play Old Classic version, the good old times and before you guys do shit with Pay 2 Win enchants in cash shop like you guys did in Chronos/Naia for $40 and turn the game simply a cash grab.
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