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  1. I doubt very much that they will fix it, they must have done it on purpose, they always find a way to screw with the adena farm.
  2. Maybe spending was not the problem, but the absurd amount that would have to spend, while in JP with 50B you are already very well equipped, here you can not buy even a r99 +15 weapon, I stopped by Pavel Ruins to see the situation and the place is packed, no wonder that in JP all these areas that the bots used are just dropping 700 adena and 0 craft material (after all they will be removed).
  3. I'm playing on JP server for a while, I bought a Frenzied Tauti's Two-handed Axe for 650M,so I was kind of curious and went to see here on the NA server the price of the same weapon, to my surprise when I checked here at NA costs 17B to 20B a Frenzied Tauti, like what? I started to see other items and compare them, a Bloody R99 +15 bow in NA costs 75B, while in JP I came to see for 20B, I also saw a R99 +31 for 155B, like how much would such an item cost in NA? 500B? armor not to mention, a bloody R99 +10 is easily seen by 20B, and yesterday on the JP server saw vi eternal eternal light +
  4. Now it's time to upgrade to lv 85 in less than 1 hour, but is this system going to be forever? or is it just an event that will last for 1 month or something.
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