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  1. Well i use 120 keys today all vía "cliking" 120 me , 120 other , 130 other ect ect... there is a limit of items in the event (they are not infinite) and there are many people logging in or coming back for these events thats really good.. that why the event ends really quiclky. Do you have any proof to show us what kind of program you are talking about? I don't see any other way to do it except manually. Macro doesnt work also for the event.
  2. Yeah we need positive vibres!! keep up this great work and let's hope for more events like these ahead!! Ty NCsoft.
  3. 23m+ should be a good price and fair according AH/Ítems prices.
  4. And? Buy Ncoins and sell your price , top/farmers players are buying alot and Overpriced.. I sell already 16k Ncoin for 18m each. Easy pizy
  5. How Many clans goes to Siege in these days?? Not counting the box clans of the top players. 4-5? Ppl don't even do fortress. More and more content is lost due to unbalanced $$$
  6. Wich SV u play?? very cheap... Here in CHRONOS Rune Stone 600-800kk each Greater Rune Stone 13-15b Ect ect.... I Saw in giran an alt/box dwarf seller ,with 4k + Rune Stone & 200+ Greater.. at those price.. that box are from same Hero in CHRONOS.. so prob AH items are from him too.. what can do staff about that????
  7. I pref ignore them. Not interesed on selling or buying nothing from a "top" player. Why you or any will need them..
  8. Thats for endgame players , at some point prob u don't need anymore ítems and start to complete that.. Btw advice when u Saw some1 spaming for trillons just /block them. It will help you not to argue against those guys, most of them are RMT/BOTS.
  9. I mean ofc not all. Just if u want to check who it is do this. -Insta log when SV ON after maintance & move giran. -same top player always log first.(Hero tyrr) -then he start to log in around "14" account is what I have been counting for a little more than 5 months.(same box name ,log after him) -and he start to put Overpriced price at all.. 6b Dawn ect ect... and another clue always he spam tried to buy everything super cheap.
  10. All those vendors Giran are from same guy.
  11. Yes yes u right u right... He play the market good spaming all day WTB Ncoins 6m pero one & WTS ítems 10Trillons or more yes yes u have right.. good bye not make sence this talk. Have fun enjoy the Game cheers
  12. In CHRONOS xfiredark othel with DW blues win all days the event... SO top player again winning all & rest got nothing.. not blame that guy the event it's just wrong... But that applys all in-game , 1 top farming dragóns , Bloods ect.. why they need farm all time all day all?? It's obviously they work on this & killing the Game.
  13. This patétic how Many new players can Even farm 1billon yes 1 billón for myself i took me 4 month get 1B and got lvl 108.. U talk for u guys who already kill this Game , farming all in-game , making trillons & trillons and selling the basic things farmeable súper Overpriced... Shame on You saying , No good event no ítems QQ... Idiots buying all for re-sell Overpriced... AH CHRONOS codez 700kk each... Rune stone 900kk , Forgotten 1 2B.. then fking yeah Ncoins 40kk each then...and who can Buy all & re-sell ?? A new player or a top farming player ???
  14. In this Game/SV ban for script/adrenaline/botting ect it's just for 1/2 week as much ppl know.. If they don't do nothing on tops players in " Live " Server for over years cheating. what did u guys expect happen here... If u want to pay a Game for have a suport staff/GM services avaible change Game wow , league...
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