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  1. you need to do daily quests - in zones like (for lvel 99) fishing Guild, Giants Cave, AF if you can get a party (depends on your class, as dd you wont succeed until 101/102 there).
  2. Hi all, Yet another 'items' related question, so bear with me; I am looking to break through to the next stage of evolution for feoh SS - lvl 104 (almost 105, almost finished exalted3 quest), and need some opinions on the next items to go from (seemingly) mediocre dmg output - to somewhat more OP dmg output, lets say get me from 200-300k crits in elven to doing, well, a lot more! Setup currently, head to toe; PVP caster +12 (Mystic 7, Acu Mystic 8, Sigel), +15% mcrit dmg +10 PVP robe set Evolved Taurus Stage1 with tersi +5 Circlet Noble Foresight +5 (+2%
  3. Have a price in mind?
  4. clearly he doesnt mean that, but he has a point on intent. I myself lost an item just the other night, and not more than 5 mins from stepping away from the computer to do something. i come back... BOOM -38K RP!! The gm's put in place this selectivity of /targetnext, but they ignore the rest of the mechanics that are at play. i mean, come on - the players know more about the mechanics of the game than the GM's? how is this so? for example, all these wynns using /targetnext, but their summons dont follow the same rule... so forced to keep it in passive mode 24/7 Also, a
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