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  1. WTS/WTT Sage's Staff +5

    As title, WTS Sage's Staff +5 132 M.Atk or WTT for +14 or +15 Cursed Maingauche. Open to offers, pm in game or mail "ColdWar
  2. Happy Holidays from the Lineage II team!

    "Guys,you are ruining this game" "You guys really don't want to listen the community" and go on and on and on..... But who exactly are you blaming???? Hime is a community manager, Jugi is a producer and he takes care of the bugs, fix etc...I think they are not part of the product DEV team, so they can't take any kind of decision about the in-game changes like adena/items drop rate, or spoil rate, zone exp, etc...They can only "ask" ot maybe "discuss" with the product DEV team about the community problems/whises, I guess. Anyway, as mentioned in a lot of posts, no one force you to play on these servers. Feel free to leave whenever you want.
  3. Really? Do you wanna play on details? Well if you read the opening article there are only suggestions on how to report and which channels we "could" use. There is nothing in that article to prohibit the use of the forum to report suspicious players. And maybe it might be a good idea to dedicate a forum "section" where ppl can link images of the player they reported in game. Maybe some report could be a mistake, maybe someone could defend themselves against emo/abuser reporter, maybe this could accelerate the measures vs those characters/accounts. The community is the best resource you have to make this game better than how it is. It is always good to remind good manners to ppl, but it also a good manner to understand ppl frustration when they report multiple times "suspicious characters" and they will keep see them farming for days/weeks... Many software houses use this type of channel (the forum report one) with "sucess", cause they well know that the in game button and the ticket support are channels too slow compared to the immediacy of a report with proof on forum. Thank you!
  4. "Reporting Scammers, Bots, & Adena Sellers" Isn't this the section name??? Or maybe my english is so bad that I can't understand the meaning of the words...
  5. Why do you keep playing here?

    1st: Personally I'm still playing cause, despite all the problems, the game is quite enjoyable if you have a good group and you know how to use market at your advantage. 2nd: Yeah, it is true that some servers offer a better service, but they are not "official" they can be closed/wiped at any time and you will lose everything. 3rd: In my opinion bots are not a real problem, you can easly kill them and take the spot or stun them under mobs until they die or you can find some sneaky trick to kill them . The problem is if ppl will use some kind of program to automatize the pvp or if the L2Store become some p2w shop like Naia/Chronos. 4th: I like to suffer!!
  6. Phantom Summoner Questions

    Get lvl 40, use Souless with poison aoe than solo train in Cruma Tower or join aoe party. PS is amazing. And btw on this classic version you will keep and lvl up Twister after lvl 40 too. So is up to you to play as a mage (of course you don't have mana recharger like warlock or Elemental summoner) or to play melee with your summon using light armor + melee weapon. have fun ^^
  7. Spellhowler +40 where to level at?

    ivory crater <3
  8. What bow to use

    Well in terms of PVE you won't have huge differences between slow and veryslow cause the speed of your auto attacks is almost the same. Other story is for PVP or if you need fast skill dmg for a bad PVE pull, cause the slow bow skill speed is quite faster than the very slow, so in terms of PvP kite you will have more survivability with a slow bow, and of course a faster burst in PvE. Of course you will spend more adenas for Light Crossbow cause the 3xSsd consume. So if you don't do a lot of pvp go for the Reinforced, or at least this is my advice Have fun!
  9. Blue Gem?

    Agree, for some "strange" reason magic attacks don't work properly with that gem drop!
  10. Don't give up guys!!! Things will change in.....some months...years....THINGS WILL CHANGE.
  11. Yes, it is exactly what 80% of l2 community want, a perfect server with the right rate (x1 fixed would be enough XD). I mean, what do you expect after many years of Offical fails and illegal migrations?? If NC would really win they HAVE TO consider to make this server like e illegal style, of course i'm talking about rate, subclass, drops etc. There was a illegal server some years ago, dunno if iI can mention the name, (ruined when owners decide to switch to GoD), 3x fixed. It was absolutly perfect..no bots..great economy, toooons of parties for everything, pvp at every farm spot and guess what? It was hard to play.. The rate fix doens't mean that the game will be easier, it only means that you can afford gk or SS with less problems, this will improve server economy. It's not about listen to every community cry, it's about use common sense to keep the community up. Other story is if ppl like a server with 3-4 clans that own everything without competition. In that case the more we complain and leave, the more they wil be happy XD.
  12. Aaaaaahhhh...guys...you don't wanna understand... This is just a CashCow game for NCSoft...They are focusing their finances and resources on others titles (l2 mobile, Aion3 mobile, e.g.). Do you really think they care about your crying for adena drop or spoil??? Don't you realize why they came out with l2 classic?? Official is dead and impossible to play for new players, they know that and don't have time/resources/will to fix all that mess; so they came out with l2 classic to get back some cashes $$ and all of us have been lured to this XD. Personally I enjoy the game with my clan, of course it is more difficult to get gear etc.., but not impossible. What about bots?? Simple as that...NC NEEDS bots and sellers cause,on a server like this, they create economy for new players who don't want to wait to be competitive...not telling you something new...just watch others free to play titles and you will see that L2 is not the only bot paradise. And if you catch a party bot with your CP, well force them to flag and kil them all!!! This server will become official like, 2k-3k ppl max in few months. It's up to you to take it easy and create your own economy. Yeah the game is hard as he was meanted to be. Create a 2nd or third account, sell SS and BSS, buy/sell crafting materials, enchant and sell gear, there are many ways to get your money. It's clear that with this patch that NC don't want to make this server like some illegal or INNOVA, deal with it! If you are always looking at the problems and not the solution you will never enjoy the game..btw just killed 40+ necro with +4 sage staff with my 33 dark wizard TopD weapon +3...so don't bother about p2w ppl, 90% of them don't have fingers
  13. Just make an easy count: 2h -2.30h to do a lvl 20 char and you will have about 50k-80k per char. Now multiply this for X accounts = Bots get reach before get banned. That's all. If they are lucky and go further they can even do more adenas, but i think they don't really need to lvl up over 20..
  14. Old story bro, It is called "business", this could be so easy for NCSoft to resolve, just create a program to check the starting zones, I'm SURE that they can easly detect bots from legit.
  15. The funny thing is that "maybe" they put this low rate drop/spoil to fight bots from adena farming!! Well only legit players are suffering for this choice; bots are always in their...botland!!