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  1. Buenas en primer lugar presento a Dharma, es un clan aliado y amigo de Vaevictis, donde se hacen raids diarios y partys de leveo AOE, etc.Cuentas con un grupo de unas 18 personas jugando con un mismo objetivo JUGAR Y DIVERTIRNOS EN UN ENTORNO AGRADABLE Y LLENO DE RISAS contamos con BD sws WC y todo clase de asistentes bishop etc solo para empezar a jugar con nosotros como uno mas de nuestra gran familia principalmente buscamos gente de entre lvl 60 al 70 que es el lvl medio del clan pero contamos con un clan académico donde hay login diario para cojer las reward de lvl mas la caja
  2. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/564847032918081547/564847172214849570/video.mov hello login is bug for bots in server nice server all bots all bug ofice hahahahaha
  3. it seems that they do not know how many people play on your server and how much it affects their decisions or actions, not only affect the two media, which handle a data and geo data that is painful to see, they only copy and paste packages in vede pay 40 euros a day to a guy who does his job better, it is not complicated I stress nothing complicated in doing the work that those two informatic media, that they do not want to do, it is only my opinion as a player in these months that we play your server full of bugs in the geo data and in the data itself and it takes 4 hours to copy a couple of
  4. 1200 GMT+1 +3.45 = 15:45 hour real 16:07 server is online?? no is off very nice NCSOFT
  5. you are basing on some erroneous scales since the low-level zones have been added to give speed to the leveo and those areas are agilized so that everything is not so soggy that it happens that after 40 are no longer those facilities that you have been giving and now just to cry for more than give you exp in the daily missions of aligator and fom thing that has never been on other servers that played 0.8 and 1 of rates that was hard this shit and I miss 4 kk in two days If you do not know how to play, use the online tetrys
  6. venga hombre que os tirais con los update mil años podiendo implementarlo con el servidor on y tirarlo durante 15 segundos para que se modifiquen los cambios que sois mas perros que maro nada mas que los dineros os gustan empresa saca dineros ponerlo on y editarlo on ahorrareis tiempo y podreis ganar mas dinero que es lo que os gusta
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