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  1. Reappear Launcher

    launcher launcher does not work. errors more errors when installing lineage more errors. error of map error of monsters
  2. problems with the launcher many errors costs download the lineage
  3. I want to give an idea to the GMs that increase the Vip Coins drop to Vip 4 members that and that the vip coins and clan coins can be passed from one character to another by means of dimensional merchant. since cheats do not let honest players look for materials and lvlr in some areas where they are full of bots especially on the Aden server there are many are abusers are oline 24 hours 7 days a week
  4. bots in western mining zone masive
  5. bots in dwarven village killing magical weaver por quest de 2k ring masive i am killing 50bots
  6. My personal opinion and a suggestion are the following and I noticed that there are players with the hallowen event have had more than one supply box weapon D. I have not touched one or even the character of my wife, it seems unfair that there are people who have played up to 4 times the supply box WD I come back and I repeat unfair gives them a very grocery advantage. my suggestion would be the following put the WD supply box in the store. Pay attention to that. otherwise the bots go are in obvious places in sight many places are the following in the server aden: in the hunting areas of Gludin, Dion, Giran