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  1. compensation we take when the server will close...they even bored to use the correct page from artifact event..probably they took the old page because if you see correct you cant find the new artifacts inside there..like resist bow or balance p.def..continue to do your crap works...and about compensation in the past i mean before 4-5 years when you was making this mistakes with the server you was putting on l2galleria free cakes or erupting or maintaining potions because then you was respecting your customers..now you care only to take and you dont care if ppl lose cakes or destiny pack that t
  2. say to you friend pliz to get off from his pink cloud or change his drug dealer ...1,5 tril you will not take it...as Draecke said most of ppl change on archer and the few that still exist have already dragon weapons or they will go for Blood-Thirsty weapons..say thx if you have already any good offer and take it because after event you will use this weapon only to fish in Aden .
  3. some ppl rly need the attention and they try to be smartasses ...but to be a smartass 1st you need to be smart or else you will be only ass and you are not smart so you can think what you are
  4. why you dont think to put also freya event...last time it was 1 year+ ago and server went out from roses...better think about this also pliz
  5. the best reward after so many hours is fafurion update or something equal..not angel cat pliz because in the end we will start to make meow
  6. the previous years the fishing event was the best event...not because the xp was good and relaxed but because of the rewards also...this year i dont understand why you name this event fishing event and not shot event...every year i play this event but this time i regret that i bought the pack..i hear friends say from 200 boxes the 150 was shots..you are kidding us now? also in the table you have as full boosts the fancy rod to stuck with the blue potion...i almost broke my finger to press it but it had his own caracter and he didnt want to come up .. there are some ppl that spend real money.
  7. we are way to behind from the other servers..at least if you can try to give us approximately when it will be Fafurion Update...
  8. https://www.lineage2.com/news/black-friday-sales-event-2018 this black Friday promo dont worth at all to buy with the xp that we take by farming...you must do again double xp and you will see that a lot of ppl will buy the pack
  9. as the title say we are lf feoh pve-pvp on naia...send msg for more infos
  10. as title say we are looking for feoh pve-pve on naia 105..send msg for more infos
  11. Hi all We are looking as title say 2nd healer 104-105 with pvp gear and experiance...our game play time is around 20.00 or 21.00 gmt+1 Naia server...you can contact with me here in forum or in game or if you are from other server in dim. siege
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