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  1. With the amount of money you make every month, this should not happen! Meelee lag for like 1year and half maybe 2 years already, random DCs since Homu update, and now this?
  2. It actually happend twice at 01H24 https://youtu.be/u0h5FzKSerU?t=5080 and at 1h45 https://youtu.be/u0h5FzKSerU?t=6330 :D
  3. @Juji did you guys check mobs difficulty before going live? Do you think it's working as intended right now? They are twice if not triple as strong, exp didnt really get better.
  4. Was leveling in FOM pretty easy and I'm lvl 110 Eviscerator. Now mobs are too hard, get killed in 3 hits. Went to alligator EVI is fine, my Yull which is also 110 but with exalted gear gets 2 shot and dies.... great update! Really! Congratz. You must be proud.
  5. I also couldn't creat an account using google chrome, worked fine when using firefox
  6. @Juji While you are here, mind sharing why you chose not to implement Neutral Zone 107-108?
  7. So no update for Neutral Zone 107-108 lvl zone for parties? Again you only think about people who already have everything in this game and leave newbies behind.
  8. Sold to NPC stores means if you have a few you can't sell them to NPC but you can still buy.
  9. We might get Red Libra in April at server Anniversary
  10. I'm still weak but could manage to do IT solo in around 25min, now it takes me roughtly 40min to finish...
  11. Yes please extend the exp event for 1 more week since we got massive lag for 1 entire week when you were on vacations, plus server crashing last day and also random disconnects for the past 2 or 3 weeks. When I say Extend exp event I also mean deleting the dishes next week ;D
  12. @Juji @Hime Restart Server! Random Disconnects and characters freezing, you can chat but can't move or make any actions. Launcher also does not work so I can't log back in (atleast right now)
  13. All those tables look wrong if I calculate the xp I get on my own character. At level 109, doing IT I get 10 350 126 978 048XP (10.35Trillions) when returning the quest, I get exactly 0.2372%, if I convert that amount in order to get 100% xp I need 4 363 459 940 155 143XP, so roughtly 4.36Quadrillion needed from 109 to 110 (this values are after "adjustment" too bad I didnt calculate it before the "adjustment" but I was pretty sure I was getting around 0.25% not 0.22%, but whatever). If I only do IT everyday and some Macro XP + Solo Castilla 110 without any boosts which return
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