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  1. The pet I want its a Strider, its evolution looks very cool
  2. Hi! Can't play both servers at same time, NCWest made it such way that you can only play their servers. Prestige running out there and no way to play.
  3. I've asked for Rim Kamaloka a few times already, it makes sense because of last Red Libra where you were able to change classes. Some fighters actually chnaged to Mage and vice-versa, and no way to get another bracelet.
  4. Probably with Death Knight update, somewhere in Autumn according to European server
  5. For me the best Class is Wynn Elemental Summoner, because it was the class that I've played the most. Started in Goddess of Destruction and leveled to 110, had the must fun with it doing quests in Fairy Settlement, Killing Spezion, Teredor and doing Fortuna, it was great! Eventually had to re-roll to Feoh due to lack of progressiveness of the class. NightW1sh Naia
  6. @Juji @Hime You should check your files, its preventing people from login to Core. If its made on purpose guess you'll lose more players, not the other way around.
  7. Game takes a lot of time to load... gratz
  8. Please check your server, been getting random dcs very often today! Reports across some european countries. Im from Portugal btw
  9. Can't claim it. You must be lucky and get 1 from event chest. Even if you get one, you better open it up, or it gets deleted
  10. Buy recipe @giran npc, then craft it yourself using ether, ge, eod
  11. hi. Your char atm is worthless, 101 you can make in around 30min of playing. You better start a new character and exp from scratch because you get 1 Vitality Maintaining rune that will take you probably to 107+ in 7 days if you have friends.
  12. Orfen and Baium found the 7 dragon balls: "We wish to summon Antharas" Shenron: Your wish has been granted Easter Egg for next big update :X NightW1sh Naia
  13. For sure you have more items, damage nowadays doesn't rely only on weapon. If I go Silent and try to kill there I get stumped. Same in alligator, I put to assist my evis, but if somehow I attack first and mob crit attack me, Yul drops in 1 hit. I mean full buffs + pom (no pots)
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