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  1. For sure you have more items, damage nowadays doesn't rely only on weapon. If I go Silent and try to kill there I get stumped. Same in alligator, I put to assist my evis, but if somehow I attack first and mob crit attack me, Yul drops in 1 hit. I mean full buffs + pom (no pots)
  2. True, to play Yul you need a lot of gear. Sure it's the most OP class to farm etc etc, but in order to do that you first must spend a lot! I have 1 Yul 110 with just Exalted Bow + R99 set+8 FE , atlas+12 and Radiant Authority (the rest of items are freebies from Exalted) and can't even farm in Silent Valley SOLO lol
  3. Also consider event Kamaloka Surroundings, some people changed class last Red Libra and actually need some Bracelet
  4. Update is not meant for us. Period. This update is aimed to other regions that have items in shop that we only get from promos at very high prices, I speak for myself, I can't afford to pay 500€ month if my wage is around 700€ lol. You do realize there are people here who enjoy playing for free and when they finally start getting somewhere you make things harder. Why make lower zones harder instead of boosting high level zones only?
  5. I've been playing for 3 years straight without spending a single dime on the game, it just requires a lot of patience and knowing beforehand you won't ever get anywhere
  6. Blazing Swamp if Solo Enchanted Valley if in Party You can' do dailies with exalted, even with R99+12 weapon and bloody armor you'll get destroyed.
  7. @Juji@LIME@Hime 2 updates ago you made field monsters harder, people complained and you added Mysterious Herb, last update you made field mobs even harder and removed Mysterious Herb, people had to downgrade farming spot. This update, another boost on mobs. Do you realize that people can't keep up? We don't have the items ready to buy like in other regions, our events are crap, rewards are crap, prices are high! Top players 1 shot mobs so they have no problems with boosts on mobs, the rest of us get trashed.
  8. Clearly not a matter of old/new computer. I have 1 laptop from 2010 that runs the game slowly but still working.
  9. @Juji @LIME RUDI in game shows deletion date, even the ones we had from previous Red Libra. Is that a mistake and are not to be deleted? Thank you
  10. P.Atk Power 6% P.Skill Power 6% M.Skill Power 6% Not bad translation, just bad interpretation from users.
  11. This is happening to me as well. I live in Portugal I have 4 computers connected and all of them mass disconnect around those times. 2 at my home running 500mb fiber connection; 2 at my workplace running 250mb fiber connection; All of the computers also running 1 instance of EU server each (because no dualbox), and there's no disconnects, so clearly not ISP problem from my side.
  12. @Juji @Hime Care to explain why to remove the greedy treasure chests? For sure it's not about the lag, we have been dealing with lag for 2 years and greedy was introduced somewhere in December2020/January2021 or something. So I believe we deserve some kind of explanation. My opinion regarding the greedy chests: Delevel the cheaters -10 levels instead of banning them, this way you'll hurt them but not to the point that they will stop playing/spending money in the game. If they keep doing that, keep hurting them (2nd time delevel -20, and so on) to the point they will
  13. In EU servers works exactly the same, so I guess it's going to stay as is
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