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  1. I see many daggers on exalted gear PKing all places, you can't delevel after getting to 105 so looses nothing when he dies, can't drop items, can't drop levels. Maybe I have to do the same, it might be actually funnier than exp nonstop with delay.
  2. Oh yeah? and how many items are exclusive from "events"? You can buy them for adena after some1 else's buy them for real money (NCOIN), otherwise they wouldn't be avaiable. When that happens the game becomes Pay to Play
  3. It's free to play until you realize that you are not actually playing the game, the game is playing you. Then it starts to be Pay To Play
  4. You keep saying that you are waiting for server hardware, I hear that same excuse for months. When I need some hardware I go to the nearest shop and buy it and I don't have the money that you guys have, is that so hard? to buy some up-to-date hardware that most likely is in stock at YOUR NEAREST SHOP??? If you can't buy it just let me know what you need, send me the moneyz and I ship it to you from Portugal, in 3 days including shipping you'll have it! Game is pretty much dead already but still you push P2W events with absurd prices and ppl with normal lives and family can't afford to spend the required amount to even get a boost in the game, only those who RMT are able to keep spending and getting stronger and stronger.
  5. Freezing Invoke

    @Juji@Hime The skill Freezing Invoke doesn't land in Castilla's mobs, doesn't matter how many times I try it, summoner's marks works fine.
  6. Veteran’s Mask may be enhanced up to +5 with the help of Scroll: Enchant Veteran’s Mask (safe enchantment is unavailable), that may be purchased via Mentor Guide in every town for 10,000 Mentee's Mark; Enchantment Effect 0 CHA +1 +1 CHA +1, Attribute attack +5, Attribute resistance +5. +2 CHA +1, Attribute attack +10, Attribute resistance +10. Atk.Spd. +2%, Casting Spd. +2% +3 CHA +1, Attribute attack +15, Attribute resistance +15. Atk.Spd. +3%, Casting Spd. +3% Мax. HP/ MP/ CP +1% +4 CHA +1, Attribute attack +20, Attribute resistance +20, Atk.Spd. +4%, Casting Spd. +4%, Мax. HP/ MP/ CP +1%, P./ M. Def. +1% +5 CHA +1, Attribute attack +25, Attribute resistance +25, Atk.Spd. +5%, Casting Spd. +5%, Мax. HP/ MP/ CP +1%, P./ M. Def. +1%, P./ M. Atk. +1%
  7. Archer0000 el nino 1st movie oly low items

    Nothing new. Target enemy and use 3rd party software to use skills as fast as it can.
  8. Clan Quest Mentee Fostering

    @Juji @Hime Hi Juji and Hime, it seems the quest "Mentee Fostering" gets reset every wednesday with the weekly quests, instead of keeping the progress. Lets say 1 of my mentees finish by Monday and I have progress 1/2, on wednesday it gets reset and I have to get 2 mentees again to 105. It should stay until finished and then gets reset. Please take a look at it, because leveling to 105 to then see all your progress get reset is quite a bummer.
  9. I failed longing 6 times yesterday now I'm broke ;D
  10. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 22, 2020

    Would be awesome to have it now instead of ppl farming Giants Codex
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 22, 2020

    @Hime @JUJI Any news regarding mentor shop?
  12. Live Game Server Update: Thursday, January 16, 2020

    @Juji @Hime Already got 4 Blessed Scroll's for Atla's Earring. When are you expecting to put the earring for sale at the mentor guide store as supposed to be from the beggining? Same for Veteran's Mask, you can get them when finishing mentoring but cant enchant it lool Did you even check what you have at the mentor guide? stones and unbinding scrolls that no longer work!
  13. Atlas Earring?

    @Juji @Hime You should put Expert's Mask and its enchants and also Atla's Earring at mentor NPC. It was supposed to come with this update. If you wanna milk players by not putting the Enchants for Dragon Shirts etc, it's your call, but you shouldn't remove new items
  14. Tell Us About Your Computer

    I7 7700K @5Ghz Asus ROG RTX2060 OC
  15. Brooch Jewels Pool

    + This update we were supposed to be able to craft lvl 1 jewels by collecting the new materials, that also was deleted by NCWest. Sad the only way to get some items is thru L2Store at expensive rates, atleast lower the prices.