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  1. Yes I do understand, as I've played this event previously on core. I know it says a new batch of items will be available few hours after the first batch ended, and that's because the timer resets after the 4h window previously set even tho the shop was open for, lets say, 10/20 or 50min. It will open again later today at same time, 20:00h for the 2nd batch But dont get your hopes high, on core items ended in seconds, because the chance to get high rewards is bigger than here, so top tier prizes were distributed almost right away lol. Here chances are low, yesterday even the 10m pack
  2. this is not true flaff. Event ran more than half an hour, and probaby today will run for 1min or 2 max as more ppl have gathered more keys = more chances for top rewards. The shop closes as soon as top tier rewards get distributed, so even if there's the lower tier available, shop will close. Its probably the best free event so far that we've got in a long time.
  3. 10h in TOI equals like 60-70b or more just by playing those 10h! Let aside IOS, etc. I say 10b/limit week which is a lot different than it is now. Even if you have 50 chars to farm adena, no way you will farm like now.
  4. Solution? Easy. Cap max amount of adena one can acquire /week. Lets say you can farm max 10b/week, if you farm all that in one day, you can no longer farm more with that account for the remaining days You can farm with more toons, right, but not as it is now. People will get bored, prices will lower!
  5. For me personaly, the raid its Longhorn Golkonda! Besides giving back memories it has big horns
  6. So what's the critical rate % on those 2 skills? 50% or more? Still better than all feoh skills which are capped to 33%
  7. Waiting for a proper solution = same as moving forward We are used to have this kind of threatment. When server launched there was also a bug that some ppl got many many exp/buff scrolls, they didnt delete them, ppl were exping like crazy leading to unfair advantage right at the start lol
  8. From Japan patch notes: 1. Changed the skill effect of some classes. 2. Changed the attribute toggle skill of the Feoh Wizard class to keep one of the attributes selected at all times. -Maintain that one of "Origin Fire", "Origin Water", "Origin Earth", "Origin Wind", "Origin Holy", and "Origin Dark" is always selected. -Due to the above changes, skills such as "Elemental Spike", "Elemental Crash", "Elemental Final Storm", and "Elemental Buster" will always operate under the influence of the attribute toggle skill, and will no longer operate as non-attribute. 3. Adjusted the skill c
  9. https://www.lineage2.com/news/expedition-supply-packs Bottom of the page: Item Deletion: The following items will be deleted on December 15: Expedition Supply Pack (Physical Type) - Only the Pack will be deleted, the items obtained from the pack will NOT be deleted. Expedition Supply Pack (Magic Type) - Only the Pack will be deleted, the items obtained from the pack will NOT be deleted. Expedition Supply Ticket
  10. Either Im not lucky or drop rate has been lowered. I've got 2 Artifact Crystals and 1 Forgotten Spellbok in the last month, opening 100 box/day
  11. The pet I want its a Strider, its evolution looks very cool
  12. Hi! Can't play both servers at same time, NCWest made it such way that you can only play their servers. Prestige running out there and no way to play.
  13. I've asked for Rim Kamaloka a few times already, it makes sense because of last Red Libra where you were able to change classes. Some fighters actually chnaged to Mage and vice-versa, and no way to get another bracelet.
  14. Probably with Death Knight update, somewhere in Autumn according to European server
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