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  1. Gm has to do something about these rune stones, or put them to sell for ncoin (without being a hero coin) or change the way to get the new skills. The game is getting very unpleasant.
  2. Did 16th Anniversary Boxes Stop Dropping?

    since the event started I picked up 6 boxes in the hunting grounds and when I opened them I got 160,000 adena, I don't even pay the teleport to the map. outside that the mini game also the box boss only comes the cake coin 16niver etc ...
  3. Questions about mentee

    OK thank you for the information.
  4. A question please anyone who can help me thank you, if my main character has already reached level 105 and was mentee and I create a sub class with this same character can he be mentee again from the same mentor? will you have the mentee development quest? thank you
  5. Macro: Shadow Snare

    hello could you explain better how to put shadow snares in the macro, first add the skill shortcut and how to insert the loop skill in the macro? can send photo or video please thanks!