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  1. Hi, Why can't solve PK problem?! Why you let for idiots to PK AFK again and again? I lost XP by disconnect, lost XP by PK... (Half party get disconnect, another half will dead.) Will be any solution for PK ever?
  2. - L2Wiki told: Feoh Super 8 Give 10% M.Critical - When I try put the blacksmith write It give only 1% What is the true? Mistype or really it Give only 1%. I think, it Bug. https://imgbbb.com/images/2020/05/10/Feoh-Super-lvl8.jpg
  3. I wrote letter to support, their answer are: So, they can't believe this problem.
  4. Hi, there are again many PK char here. Perhaps the dev team have any plan against PK chars? (I talk about PK chars who not play game, only kill another player's groups.)
  5. What happened with fishing's XP? A Lvl 79 char get 109XP with VIP 3.
  6. Who decided which skill auto use or not? And why? See Doomcryer's skill: "Chant of gate" -> Auto use. (It consumes 500 spirit ore) Who will use auto mode this skill? What was the target? All buff are not auto use. Why?
  7. Hi, When disconnected, don't close the game, only go to "Select Character" window. Players will happy, because not need login again.
  8. Hi! At Giran server easy do quest at Ruins of Agony. It very big area, you can found good mobs at all field near Agony. And not too much PK there. Try lvl up at War-Torn Plain near Aden. It full with bot, and their owner PK you, if try farm there. Taik orc supply the best mob for AFK mages at lvl 69-76 good place, good XP, and good adena drop. If go there bot owners kill you in 1 hour. You can't see regular players there, only adena farmers.
  9. Hi, I seen same problem at Cuma lvl 2, when I'm stucked. I changed spot, and all was good.
  10. I think you a wrong. The biggest group of PK are bot defender. (Or macro group defender as you like.) They don't kill own bots and kill all other group. I don't know if the defender word good for this group. I think PK connect to adena making, not to game experience. Of course some PK player enjoy, if making loss to another gamer. I think this is smaller group.
  11. I can't understand. I talk about PK chars, who don't play only for kill someone. These chard are not main chars these only box for kill someone. You was talk about PvP first, after XP lost. 1 PK give 4% XP lost, if you have 90% res, then 0.4% XP. At lvl 79 hat about 1-2 days continues fight. If don't have 90% res it more farm. But usually we don't talk about 1 PK. The problem are PK chars can kill your group many times every days. If wanna macro farm, you lost many %, and don't get many XP, because you don't get XP when you dead. (It normal, I don't wanna get XP when I'm dead.)
  12. PvP are not PK. We talk about PK. Not problem with PvP, but I never seen Cursed Sword at Giran server. I have problem with PK chars, that chars who don't play game, only log for kill someone and logout fast. They never PvP, only kill and run, kill and logout. That normal for you? Not, right?
  13. Hi, I suggest to make 2 new macro commands: 1. /craft All who can craft can use it. example: /craft leather 2. /crafton Craft on a dwarven workshop. /crafton {crafter} {maxprice} {recipe} example: /ctafton Wilma 100000 Black Ore Earing 70% I think need max price, because if a crafter change prices, you will stop craft automatically. best regards, Wilma
  14. Hi, All must see, we have two type group of PK : 1. Normal player angry to another player, and he kill him. These characters try eliminate karma and try lower PK point. I think it part of game. I think, current PK system are good for this group. 2. Psychopath/evil players (or someone who wanna oust players from server) are make/buy a character to kill other players. I think it not part of game. I think the GMs must prevent these characters to kill another chars. These PK chars logout/teleport if someone fight with them. (Logout=over log from another computer) They don't have ex
  15. Hi, All time, when start an event, GMs write that event " begin for two weeks " (or more weeks, if we lucky), but all event starts after game update. ~17h in Giran server. Events are ends morning 6:30. So we lost ~10h + total maintenance time. I ask, don't close event at last day morning, w8 till restart, please! Best Regards, Wilma
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