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  1. 10+ hours without mods

    It's Thanksgiving here in the states. Relax.
  2. On a serious note

    It's the buff scrolls that you buy from the L2 Store.
  3. @Hime @Juji Why can't we use the dimensional transfer for 2nd class buff scrolls. I have multiple buff scrolls bought with NCcoin on toons I no longer play. Can I get you guys to transfer them for me, or how would I go about doing that? Seriously. I'm about to delete these toons and want my scrolls off of them...
  4. I don't understand what there is to discuss. Just make the changes, hell pay someone to fix the drop rates in the files and don't run it past Korea. They obviously don't pay attention to the NA market anyway.
  5. How to make lineage 2 work smooth?

    lol yea definitely had luck, especially if it froze for 1 min around mobs.
  6. How to make lineage 2 work smooth?

    What DeVoid said, Project TL is not Lineage. They really need to keep L3 in the same format as L2 though.
  7. How to make lineage 2 work smooth?

    ick 5 clients on a p3 1ghz how did it not kill your pc?
  8. Love the sarcasm lol... the 10+ atuba hammers gave it away though.
  9. How to make lineage 2 work smooth?

    I never played post-GoD so I can't say how bad the memory leak was.
  10. How to make lineage 2 work smooth?

    Now imagine this back in 2003-2004 when most people only had 512mb to 2gb of ram in their machines.
  11. I had the same issue cleared cache was good to go. But, then again my issue did happen at a time when I was banned for no reason.
  12. Eventually, the whales will leave too. That's what they don't realize.

    Real clans shouldn't need to ask their members for clan fees.
  14. Lag Spikes

    I was getting severe lag last night as well, SS lag etc.
  15. How to make lineage 2 work smooth?

    Yep, they still haven't fixed that memory leak from beta. You are the first person I have ever heard of that had crashing issues setting affinity. But, I imagine that it can happen.