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  1. I'm not sure if you will get block if you approve both IP address in your settings I think you good.
  2. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    You are ahead of other people many of us weren't able to select the serve. And what you try? Flushdns ipconfig or uninstall the game and the NCsoft launcher?
  3. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    I'm glad work for you I'm just hoping people been able to play again.
  4. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Also when I did the dns flush the ipcofig stuff I restart my pc srry I just remember I did that too.
  5. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    ok guys I'm not saying this is the solution but I got mad last night and I try the reset my router didn't work but since I was so mad I decide to uninstall the game and also the NCsoft llauncher client after That I thought I put to many hours to stop playing after months of grinding so I install the game again and it let me login last night like I said this might not be the solution but is what work for me. i did flush my DNS I did ipcofig/release , ipcofig/renew stuff like that didn't work for me but might help when I did uninstall the game. Just trying to help everyone.
  6. Soulshot display interface gone

    By any chance you change your resolution? Sometime by mistake I press to max the game screen and when I turn it back to my resolution my bag shows almost out the screen try to reset the game settings
  7. locked account

    hey if you dont know why you got a Locked account don't bother for tickets make another acoount and keep playing
  8. Let me tell you why, because they implement a system so you do their job with the bot report button but remember if You "abuse it" You get hammered. how convenient Right? Forget about the report system,let them hire real people to do the search for bots. they getting paid right? Any other game I play before use to have GM in game almost everyday or GS who can assist them. And if you got problems with the bots come to the forum to the support section make a ticket about it if they ask for photos ask them to be in game to do their job.
  9. Ban on using box ?

    I got ban also after finish Spider quest too went to deposit materials in warehouse and game crash same message and I was using TS3 and discord too.
  10. Ban for 3rd party program?

    I'm been submitting tickets for past days for third party program ban. My question will be does anyone else was using Teamspeak3 or Discord with overlay when they got banned? If any GM could answer if any of this programs can cause the 3rd party program ban? cause I'm been arguing with support team I'm not using any cheat unless 360 Internet security,TS3 or Discord are the problem