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  1. Permanent Clan Halls Clans that are level 2 and higher can also bid for a Permanent Clan Hall through the Auctioneer NPC in Giran, Gludio, or Aden. There are only 33 Permanent Clan Halls available, with each having a minimum bid. Clans can only bid on one Permanent Clan Hall and must have more than your bid amount in their Clan Warehouse. If you cancel your bid, there is a 10% cancellation fee taken from your bid amount. The auction period lasts for two weeks, and should you win the permanent clan hall auction, a weekly rent payment is required. I think some other clan outbid y
  2. Why there was less then 24 hours to bid for CH in gludio server? start 2019-01-30 after restart end 2019-01-31 00:00 server time
  3. It is full of bots around starting villages. If some one report whit SS and I am on It I understand why they will review and my account maybe locked also. Since its a brand new account maybe created at the same time as those bots.
  4. I read the topics about people that didn't get fast respond and positive resolution. I didn't had much hope. This topic ended in different way. And I got fast respond and a positive resolution. Usually people like cases with happy end and react positive to them (normal reaction). It is very interesting that you consider this a bad thing and try to shame people that liked it.
  5. Isue resolved didn't take long I am happy It appears this account was caught in our regular account security review. After thoroughly reviewing this account, I have decided to remove the block that was placed on it. You may now access our services again.
  6. no clue I made it in the morning level it to lvl 20 put it to sell in giran and went to sleep when I wake up game is closed and account is locked
  7. yeah I did waiting for reply
  8. Hello, I started dwarf for shop yesterday and today my dwarf account is locked. Moved all good stuff for sale in the dwarf sit in town and now ……. "Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked. Please contact Support at appeal@ncsoft.com" How to appeal when I don't know what you banned me for? Writing email to appeal@ncsoft.com feels like sending email to Santa ! How much time it take to reply?
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