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  1. this thread will also probably be deleted soon. The start halloween even who droped so many top D weapon was a huge mistake. this created a big gap betwen players, those top D weapon + top D moon armor killed the start game/challenge. if people are tempted/can buy adena its because something is wrong in your game. I tried to report a bot once you know what? the system message told me that this player have be 'already fined' for using illegram program, that i cant report him again. sorry to say the true, money buy laws in real life and in game. bye
  2. what a horrible stat you have become you players. you acting like in the world where we are. selfish ppl. you dont want to give a shit to no one. so you create a entire team under your control, full of box, where is the share? where is the laught playing toghether? where is the fun playing with 4 box for yourself? are you hoping to shine later so everybody adimre how rich and strong you are ? We hate bots but you guys are like bots. you are working for yourself with a full box party i dont see the difference at all. they use programm and you dont ? well you are as emotionless than a ai fa
  3. +moi Futur archer je pense. il serait peut etre simpa de faire un petit groupe pour s'entre aider.
  4. this is what everybody love in L2. to fight with your friends for the best spots. this is how you build friendship. during fights, helping some people, choosing your side. You must be new to this game...
  5. the first bulb who were created lasted 15years but today they never last this long. only 1000 hours ah? its dangerous when some scientist try to hide cupidity. my answer is server proxy What a sad world where ingenior are paid to limit the creation for maximise profits.
  6. Hi people, well as say my title i am very surprise about the situation. Lineage 2 have been release in 2004, we are in 2018 and NCsoft claim that there is a queue to login this 14 years old game because of 6.4k players? is that a joke? some illegal server have launch with 10k+ players without lags. How a company like NCsoft can't handle what illegal server could handle for free ? Its the first time since c2 that i see a queue to log in this game...do you want us to all buy vip account maybe ? i have been waiting for 30 minutes for 10 rank in a 160 queue to log in FIX IT!
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