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  1. Tell me, GMs you wanna make it hard? fine BUT DON'T MAKE IT BROKEN, how is it possbile that orc barracks gives 400 adena and CEMETERY LVL 50 MOBS GIVING 150-200 ADENA? I would like an explanation, you guys owe the community and explanation for this bullshit, like cemetery there are a lot more places like it, you just make those areas completely lonely and have 2-3 good spots to farm, and lineage2 WAS NEVER LIKE THAT, what the f are you actually doing?
  2. Drop rate

    18k adena in 4 buff rounds? is that correct?
  3. This is high rate, stop QQing

    How the hell is someone proud of achieving to be a complete no lifer with no friends at all, just farming 24/7 and being fat, AND YOU'RE PROUD LOL, keep that shit while the rest of us keep our lives and play the game for fun a few hours a day, you just won the award for the dumbest guy on the forum, gratz my friend.
  4. just a question, why the F are you even commenting on a forum of a game you don't even play and making a mega post telling people to stop crying? Actually mental, get a life dude, you really need one.
  5. It should be 1 Client per PC

    And there would be easy solutions to fix that, like being a bannable offense, but no point talking about this since they will never change multiboxing.
  6. can you even read the post? where did he say drops in lower lvl zones are bad for adena/drops? god just shut the bleep up already, if you can't read, don't type, TY.
  7. It should be 1 Client per PC

    coulnd't agree more, but probably NCWest figures they make more money the way it is, but yeah 1 client per pC would solve not only that issue, as with queues in the past, as it would make A LOT EASIER to track and ban bots, but hey, why be smart and have good long term income when you can be dumb and have money in 2-3 months and then serv dies?
  8. i mean do you even play in the server you SCRUB? how isn't wrong that mobs lvl 40 in solo zones drop THE SAME ADENA AS MOBS 50+? so in this classic version there is no adena scale at all and we're expected to get to 70 with D grade coz every single zone mobs drop 100-200 adena no matter the level? you either don't play the server or you are a botter/adena seller. dumb post top to bottom, by a 50 iq ape
  9. How does boting system works?

    That's blizzard mate, do not compare blizzard to NCsoft
  10. Please fix adena/books drop

    yea that is very true, the thing is people is greedy, every single version of l2 people find a way to exploit, ofc events made that shit easier but every single server there's people that profit a lot and ruin the server, and in this case is really noticable because the GMs arent too active, I stopped paying aswell and i wont pay anymore, i hope the GMs move their ass and do something about the server, in the meantime im gonna enjoy playing with my friends and see how things turn out and hope for the luck which i never had, because so far, no top D from halloween, no luck in dungeons
  11. Please fix adena/books drop

    funny all of these chumps saying its easy to drop either bot so they make more profit or have no social life, responsibilities, nothing at all going on real life, note that you are just a small percentage of the community, you kids don't speak for the majority of the community, so stop talking on behalf of everyone or you might end up with a serv of 300 ppl on and no1 to sell adena to, dumb people sigh.
  12. Future of classic

    and because they're so slow and not efficient, and beacause community is impatient this game will die, they actually had a HUGE player base after the start, but they're just not good/smart enough to keep the players in, just bad decisions after bad decisions.
  13. Future of classic

    just insane, how can such a good game, even with all its flaws, be so badly managed by such a bad company, honestly ppl in League complain about Riot but NCwest is actually insanely bad

    AHAHH WHAT A JOKE YOU ARE, I play with my main ALONE, i make random parties and party with clan, and im doing fine and having fun, but i saw you posting a video playing with 3 bleeping computers and 3 bleeping keyboards and BOTTING AND IM IN FAVOUR OF BOTS? you really aren't smart at ALL, plain dumb for sure, bet you have a lot of fun like that, troll

    GK isn't even the main issue, it's the rates RETARD, oh and people like you, who actually have absolutely nothing going on in their personal life and making a FULL pt ALONE, because why have friends right? why interact? better be a troll inside of a cave spending their momma and daddys money to subside your addiction and be absolutely useless to society, kys kid