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  1. 1st There was an event last 5 weeks, with bonus exp and bonus party exp, bonus adena drop, drop rate, no exp loss upon death. That event ended yesterday. 2nd A new event started this week with bonus exp, adena drop and drop rate that affects only 76+ zones (adena boost only affects the mobs that drop adena)
  2. The exp and adena drop event only affects 76+ monsters and players.
  3. Here is a crazy idea, how about play with friends and ask one of them to res you... or even pay someone else to res you in case you dont have any friends... Its an online game, other players are there, communicate and interact with them.
  4. After server restart i tried to use the command /olympiadstat and the following error appeared in my system message. "The command is available only when the target has completed the 2nd class transfer." @Juji @Hime I hope the olympiad is working correctly.
  5. Oh i see it now you have to be a resident of all those countries, United States and the District of Columbia, Canada (excluding Quebec), Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela According to that statement no one should get the pack, everyone happy!!!
  6. 1st of all there are ways to make money without spending money in real life, but those ways are the boring stuff of the game, yes you can farm 1bilion mobs of a type with 200 - 500 adena with random chance (1 per 5 to 10 kills) Yes you need friends in this game, its an MMO, either you play pve or pvp, you always need a support group for it, you can find random people for pve, but for pvp, people you can lean on is a must. The worst thing to do is play alone with random groups, drop rates are low, and with each random group your chance to get anything is 1/7. (imagine farming Fortuna for a
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