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  1. I don't mind P2W but loot boxes... you crossed the line. Current Pendants mechanism is exactly same mechanism as loot boxes. This is not acceptable. And, banned (violation of gambling legislation) in some countries like Belgium.
  2. scam event??

    Finally complains that make sense - this event is scam. Problem is not P2W but RNG behind it.
  3. Thanks for don't listen us.

    I do not remember I requested that. Also I see no reason why no good items in IS. If you does not complains about RMT, why you would like to complains about IS? Unless you are RMT yourself. Also classic IS BALANCED AROUND IS! Without IS items nothing works here correctly. CC with 99% probability, one shooting killing etc. Look at KR server and HP - this is not possible without IS items. And around this classic is balanced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntL1OsgYhsU
  4. Incoming siege absurds

    As I said. Lags and mass disconnects because whole server in one place.
  5. This staff again show completely lack of experience with L2. And there is why: - characters 55+ only... rly? You know this game is completely open and there is no way to stop lower characters from coming the siege. - Open siege when we still have connectivity issues? - Only one castle? This game is designed to have few sieges at same time and split community. When you open signle siege then entire server will come to one place what will result MASSIVE lags.
  6. Just be competitive to the RMT. Put to shop items, books, adena etc. with competitive prices. Bots and RMT companies will be gone because people will prefer buy it from legal way. This game is alredy not fair and P2W, just profit got RMT. Alot of people buying adena, it is easy to see from OE items - it was not come from nothing. At least it will be legal, income will go to NCsoft and bots will be gone.

    What about people that can not play during the week because have job? Weekends with doubled exp, adena and drop rate would bring some balance and be fair for people that have job and can play longer only during week - what means maiority of paying customers.
  8. Looping Macros

    Looping macro would be useful for BD/SWS on box. Switching it is annoying.
  9. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Whole CP does not play because people got this issue. Great way to ruin the game...
  10. M. atk and m.damage - INT

    M. atk seems to have far too low factor for final output of magic damage. Major factors seems to be just lvl, skill power and m atk of the weapon. But, final m. atak what is affected by INT stat and empower seems to have very little effect. Current state make practially SPS the most OP nuker because of more WIT that is not balanced any way compared to INT or MEN. SPS with far better cast spd and m crit rate make practially same damage per spell as SPH wat is kind of absurd - it can not be by design.
  11. But on skelth is far easier for adena. Also Manashen Gargoyle have in drop list 8 full items and 3 spellbooks (ofc included SW) with 0.01% — 0.05% Somehow after killed thousands of mobs even with VIP 4 I did nos got any full drop or spell book. Something is definitly *** hard with drop rates on this version. Esspecially when think this pathetic corpo was give to random people few top D weapon in event. That is nor fair for playing players and paying consumers.
  12. I guess this cry about random bans is just propaganda and lobby of RMT. And I do not know even single person who got ban and I'm sure this person was clear. Why NCsoft would want to ban consumers? There is no sense of it. At the same time I see alot of bots. Alot of people with 3+ clients, extremly hight lvl and enchanted weapons - and here I suppose is not enought bans. Should be alot more. And when I see this forum I see strong lobby that: - cry about so called "random bans" that I does not see, - do not wnt revert old PK system (rly, in PvP game?), - do not want revert system when players droping items when die in pve. I see it more like lobby of RMT than real feedback of Lineage 2 players.
  13. Seems I have to cancel my words. With the last wave 2 people from my clan got auto ban and I'm 100% sure they did not used bot - because I know them + they played in party all the time on trains or bosses. At the same time GMs refuse to unban and on every ticked give same "Ctrl+V" answer. At the same time I still see 40+ lvl whole bots parties.
  14. At least some balance, since SPS have nearly same damage per spell as other mages with a lot less casting spd.
  15. Go play another wow clone. This is L2, the game where economy is important part of the game and AH destroy this part.
  16. Recovering broken weapons in OE

    Wait! What means few case?! So some people got back then burned weapons and for others you did not make this favor? What kind of server management is it and where is fair treatment for your customers? And what are you want do now with this few +10 weapons? This is even bigger mess than with last event where you give to some people few top D weapons on the start of server.
  17. Enchantment ***********

    There is no exploit. There are only people that spend ridiculous amount of real money on RMT. @Hime You ask us to get information? You act like Innova GMs. Just check how people with 10+ items got all this weapons needed to burn to get so high enchant.
  18. True, current PK system is all wrong.
  19. When NCsoft start do something with it?
  20. How to Multibox ..

    And then cry about "random ban"...
  21. insane mechanics for necros

    Necro is the most OP class in the game. That is the price.
  22. When 2.0?

    Game need runes as fast as possible due to class balance.
  23. The system where karma can be cleaned in just few minutes and PK quest cleaning 1-9 PK points and can be repeated in day. Right now PvP is unbalanced - range classes can freealy KS without risk of being PK-ed. Classes like daggers are completely useless. There is no way to PK bots.