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  1. You are a noob not him. I have 14 mages lvled to 35 now and each of them makes aroud 7kk when they reach 35. No need to buy bsps at all.
  2. You do realise how bugged it would be? They can't even manage 1.5.
  3. If this is true then I want my Emi back on my archer. My Katana*Katana back on my BD and my Yakca back on my spoiler. @Juji How ridiculous is this if it is true?
  4. That's not how good bot softwares work. They don't search mobs by their 'names' but by NPC ID's. They even pick up items by the ID and not the name.
  5. Yes it can be. I play it on Mac. You need to install bootcamp Windows 10. For me, it runs 10x smoother on my Mac Book.
  6. Wtf are you talking about? You made a nuker and decide to go for archer and you want to just reroll with all the progress? Rofl. Everyone would be lvling mages and then rerolling at later lvls. Wake up.
  7. ZAG

    Spoil guide?

    Spoiling should end at lvl 25 on this server after you are done with Hogoblins. Anything further is a waste of time, as spoil rates are dire here.
  8. Are you really that naïve or just misinformed? Do you know that one can set up a bot so that it does not attack the mobs that follow another player and the bot can even run away and log out if it's being chased by more than 3 mobs? Oh dear... It's 2018 not 2005.
  9. I am sure there would be volunteers to act as in game moderators for few hours a day banning real bots with real evidence and it would solve the issue of random people getting banned. Simple.
  10. Pray that you don't get banned for nothing like I was 3 times. Having to wait 6 days to get the accounts unlocked.
  11. Rofl. This game has always been full of bots and will be. I've reported a party of bots through submitting a ticket a week a go in Hardins Academy, they are still there. 3 wizards with their cats.
  12. Bot users or RMT won't come here to complain. They'll just create a new acc, lvl it to 20 and continue botting. They don't even bother going any higher as the adena rate is pretty much similar at lvl 20-25 and 40+ in solo areas.
  13. The game was still full of bots, so ye. Let's face it, L2 is too old of a game for them to invest any money into improving the game play and protecting it from 3rd party softwares. Instead, they implemented some crappy system that bans regular players for things like payments or creating another account using Hotmail instead of gmail.
  14. Except that there are no bans for using 3rd party softwares, as I see same people over and over botting in the same spots for 2 weeks.
  15. Well, then literally every lvl 60+ character in the game should be banned. As they are all using shared accounts to lvl them up. In shifts.
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