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  1. The following Prize will be awarded to each of the Winners of the Contest: • (1) Lineage II Physical Prize Pack – (1) Elpy stuffed animal, (1) Freya’s Shopping Bag, (1) Lineage II Classic Extended Mousepad (ARV: $50) • (1) +16 Weapon (ARV: $75) • If the Winner’s provided character’s server is Talking Island or Giran: +16 A-grade Weapon of choice • If the Winner’s provided character’s server is Chronos or Naia: +16 Krishna Weapon of choice (no additional properties) So nc soft values a +16 krishna weapon for 75$? so why u dont put it on l2 store for this value in nc coins? 75$ its like 6000 coins i wonder who can make a +16 weapon for this coins.
  2. all ppl that got this situation should submit tickets! let them see how many had this problem cause of their lack of information! Only ppl with 15 or more scrolls in their inventory had this window! all the others according to nc should have imagined it....!!! fairness to all!! @Juji
  3. this was never posted on the start of the event notes and many ppl never used that option information worths billions on nc:) ofc they did NO mistake:)
  4. so what was the point of making the firecrackers tradable? if all the items deleted all was for 30 days xp ? or the joke top tier reward chances? i still have 14 anniversary 100% rune that was supposed to be deleted:) i will gamble on some items will stay:) juji style
  5. According to l2 gm Kairun and senior gm drayg the path is "i want to learn about the ancient kingdom cloak" select the "cloak exchange" option U will need 15 legendary scroll in exchabge for 1 legendary scroll (high grade) I thought mistaken that i needed 10 not 15 scrolls for it and i used them cause i didnt saw any new option for high grade one. i told them the problem and that is not anywhere in the event patch notes how we get it and they answered me that we understand but we cannot give back the scrolls used but get 2000 coins as apologies.... Thats the game anymore. cu and dont make the same mistake! @Hime
  6. 5 hours ago. ncsoft the last 2 years
  7. If u guys look carefully on the xp chart in the event page says CLEARLY deton's blue potion OR funcy rod. They CLEARLY dont stack together so learn to read properly before u complain about everything.
  8. Lineage II: Salvation - Etina's Fate Now Live!

    Last update Alien Nano stack with Beers for maximum LUC
  9. Squash

    Its sure that emperor/King squash drop as inteded?