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  1. sorry for not being correct.....i mean banned for that area for 24h where he have 5 pks….3pk...ban for that area for 1h...then if continu to 5 pk...ban for that area for 24h...not ban from game...not my meaning

  2. oww...and dont come to me..."they can drop things after 5 pk's"......you can easily prevent that with pk scrolls…..plant a "my teleport "...at floran and easily go back and forth to lower count

  3. why there isnt a system that if someone pk's in an area...lets say 3 times...that he is blocked for that area for 1h...and if he continue after that hour and add 2 pk more that he is banned for 24h


    im not against pking….but pk someone should have consequences….and not pk an entire room to get the room for himself and lvl up....this means most peep might reconsider to pk freely all over the map and without consequences

  4. On ‎5‎-‎4‎-‎2018 at 7:00 PM, Conguero said:

    We’ve gathered some common feedback, questions, and suggestions we’ve been seeing from players recently, including in response to the Salvation feedback poll conducted in January, and pulled out a couple of overarching topics we’d like to address here. There are obviously several other topics that the community wants to see discussed and we plan to continue to follow up with you. We’re regularly reading and considering your feedback, and appreciate you sharing it with us!

    L2 Store Promotions

    A common criticism we see from you relates to L2 Store promotions. While the base Lineage II experience is free-to-play, you can choose to speed up character advancement with items purchased on the store. We’re taking steps to improve how events and promotions are rolled out to players, with a more consistent rotation of free in-game events—such as the recent Oriana’s Lucky Draw event—that give players opportunities to obtain powerful items that are ordinarily found more rarely in RNG boxes.

    In addition to integrating more free events, we plan to better space out store promotions of new items so as not to overwhelm players who choose to spend. For instance, looking back at the recent three-month lineup of Circlets of Power, Zodiac Agathions, and Ancient Kingdom Cloaks offered on the store, we acknowledge that this an aggressive schedule. Store promotions will continue to be a regular feature of Lineage II, but we want to be more careful to rotate recurring promotions with those that introduce new items. And with free in-game events blended into a more consistent cadence, we feel that it’ll bring balance to the overall promotion schedule.

    We’re always evaluating how shop items or upgrade materials are obtained, as well as how players are responding to the latest promotions and events. We of course want these promotions to be successful, and it’s important that you feel justified when investing in any significant character improvement efforts.

    EXP Gains

    We know some of you are anxious to further your character’s advancement in Lineage II, and something we see commonly is a desire to more easily progress past Lv. 105. Because there isn’t content to support an increased level cap, climbing past 105 is currently designed to be intentionally challenging. Ultimately we want to ensure that dedicated players are able to reach Lv. 105 if they haven’t already, and the Heine Fishing Expedition and bonus EXP Server Setting are frequently enabled to help players accomplish this goal. For those of you who want to climb beyond Lv. 105, that day will come!

    There are also a decent number of players who pay attention to the Korean version of the game and have requested the speedy 1–85 alt advancement system that they’ve added. We’re considering ways to bring this to the North American version, but don’t have specific plans to announce at this time.

    Keep it Coming!

    By no means is this post intended to provide the final word on these subjects, and we hope to continue the dialog with you on additional topics as well. It’s understandable that some changes may feel slow to come, but we also want you to know that we’re committed to continuing to work to do what’s best for the game and its community. With that in mind, we plan to share our Lineage II Roadmap for the remainder of 2018 with you soon.

    On a final note, in the near future anyone who has at least one Lv. 85+ character on your account will be emailed a survey that will help us report additional feedback to the development team. You should make sure you’re opted in to receive emails from NCSOFT via your account settings and complete the survey. We’d appreciate it!


    The Lineage II Team

    @ conguero

    what L2 needs is a new development team....and not some greedy arseholes who wants to drive a Ferrari
    what start a few years ago in l2store...at 50 dollars...year after same thing was 100 dollars...year after that 150....till now ...a bleeping 300 dollars....where does the greed end?
    also...look at the latest star wars game....even from the usa ...the eu said..."those loot boxes is gambling"....and not allowed......maybe we should point out l2 to the eu and forced l2 to change things
    L2 is still a wonderfull game but greed is taking over


  5. funny thing bout the event i noticed today....was the login msg


    in blue..."There is a chance NO ONE wins a prize each hour"




    Only if a main winner is selected


    so it seems to win is not even random but its selected......and when there is ingame a yellow msg...a winner has be selected and recieved his porize....then everybody get 100 coins....if not that msg....no one get coins even if you participiated


    thx Ncscam

  6. this happened to me aswell.....recieved 40 hero coins and only the eva rune.....this is my 28th or 29th month subscription


    btw nc....we demand a proper compensation...we did pay on time but you didnt deliver on time.....we want a +5 radiant circlet accordingly fitting to our main class....dont look at us...you screwed up

  7. i used 1 100k fame  scroll but nothing is added....it do say 100k fame added...but nothing here nothing there nothing anywhere.....got a few more + 50k scrolls


    this scroll is fukking useless atm....i bet the NCcrap team laughing hard behind their desk ....april fools day....ooops december fools day


    Neutron be honest with us...WHAT DO YOU GUYS WANT THIS TIME?....new car new house our flying 1st class to fiji on our cost