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  1. 4 is totally wrong. I have used same debit card for at least 3-4 of my accounts for years and I never ever had ANY problems at all doing that. I even spoke with the support before starting doing that and they said that it is OK.
  2. Like FatHips already wrote, there are just too many people that are complaining about their accounts locked on and it is highly unlikely that all of them are using bots. And I am not saying this cause I am also the one with 3 accounts locked on today. I've already made my decision to stop playing this classic no matter I can get my accounts back or not. I just do not care anymore. I am pretty sure they were locked on by a mistake and I will get them back, but as already Ark stated and some other people, even if we can go back our accounts there is always a chance to get another lock/ban later in time with this problem with XIGN or what was this new protection tool. I am sure that most likely it can be triggered by some processes and/or some files not related at all to Lineage II, but it is not like we have some list with that and to be aware that let's say using some programs which obviously is not some 3rd party bot programs for L2, but something else this can also can alarm/trigger that poor anti-bot protection NC West are using.
  3. Stupid Event

    Sooner or later they will introduce such kind of rewards from events, just be patient When some clans lock up the best raids in game and people start to cry about not having a chance to get some epics...then NC West will kindly do them a favor for just like 4, 8, 16 000 NC Coins cost chest to open and gamble for an epic How familiar it sounds...
  4. Knowing NC West for many years already, sadly, my bet will be 25 cheaters banned while 500 innocents get as a bonus their accounts locked. But on a second thought I think that the number 25 is kinda too high...
  5. Half server banned ? :)

    They need to free some more spots for bots, lol.
  6. Got all my 3 accounts locked on in this wave of locking accounts an hour or so ago. What will do is this, already wrote to appeal, will get back my accounts then the game will be just uninstalled. I do not think it is worth to waste time in a game when your accoun(s) can be locked on anytime just like that, by mistake. Cool, you can get back your accounts back but and there is a chance you can get a perma ban as a bonus as well.
  7. Mass ban is a new event?

    If they do that, that is good, but somehow I hardly doubt they are banning these people. Speaking for myself, surely not bought any adena, I barely have like 1.3M adena and farming all the time w/o shots to save adena.
  8. Suspicious activity

    They surely bans randomly I can tell, got my 3 accounts locked on. For the next one who will come here to tell my I have used a third party program, bot etc. and I know that there will be at least one genius like that - FU. Like Warsmith already wrote it, it will be so fun and nice thing same to happen to these people just calling every one that complains a botter, let this same thing happens to you and we will be here around to laugh hard at you and will surely call you a botter
  9. Mass ban is a new event?

    Yeah, my 3 accounts on Classic were also stronK, till an hour ago. All 3 got locked on. I know that a lot of the people complaining for locked accounts or perma bans are indeed botters, but there are some people got locked accounts just like that. So making fun to all these people is not good thing to do cause you can be a next victim of random locked accounts then someone else will surely come at you having fun and you will need to eat your own medicine then. Be prepared for it, just in case
  10. You failed hard at thinking, try again...later.
  11. My 3 accounts were just locked like an hour ago in Execution Ground. I was there with my DE Summoner, my Prophet and a Crafter wannabe. Prophet and Crafter were just sitting on the ground while I was farming mobs with my Summoner. My Summoner suddenly got like respawn while fighting a mob. After that I was sure something is going on. After a minute or so my character once again got something like respawn again while fighting a mob. Then I stopped killing mobs and started to do circles around in the ground, making crosses on the ground while walking like checking for lags etc. trying to show I am not a bot or using any third party software. Then I started again killing mobs. My character then respawned like once again and after a few seconds I got DC. At this point I already know that this is an account lock. After 30-40 seconds another of my 3 accounts god DC and withing 20-30 seconds and my last account got DC. All 3 locked on for suspicious activity, lolz... in the time of this lock I had like 2 browsers opened Opera and Firefox, one mail client opened Thunderbird and I was logged on my Steam account. I am so done with NC Soft/West. I was fool to try give them a second chance after being so disappointed in pay to win live servers model, but this company is the worst by a light years ahead of any other MMORPG companies around. I am 100% sure this lock on was a mistake and that my accounts will be unlocked and given back to me, I will do that just to be sure that this is their fault and then an uinstall following. I just can not waste anymore time when I can just get lock on on some or even better all my accounts at any time and they can even get a perma ban just like that. No, thank you.