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  1. Does anyone has any reply from ncsoft about this lock festival? cuz im still waiting for a long time
  2. yea it corresponds..what if u have never used any 3rd party programm? cuz in my occasion that's what happened. I have no program installed in my pc other that l2 and discord! so please do us a favor
  3. its not irony. its stupid action of ncsoft! its unacceptable for the range of this company. its totally unprofessional! they lack so much in everything they do since the start of l2 classic! I dunno for the pas years since I only played god for like 1 month
  4. I put my 3 accounts yesterday to fishing and BOOM ncsoft locked all 3 accounts. is there any rule for fishing? they irony the past 3 days I as recording and screenshotting bots in execution grounds and reporting it to ncsoft via ticket. the time was locked they emailed me that they took all necessary actions for the tickets I had opened. and to rate their support team! im pretty sure that this bot festival in execution ground is still continuing. ps. ofc I have never used any program ever while I was playing the game..except if discord or twitch is somehow involved in this (suspicious act
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