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  1. @SumTingWong if you are low level you will not see me: 3
  2. As I exhaust all the possibilities of communicating with an NCSOFT representative (because only their notification bots speak to me), I come to give my experience as an honest player who suffers the inexplicable consequence of closing my account. Sanction by NCSOFT: Offense: Use of 3rd Party Program Penalty: Account Closure I do this public post because I have nothing to hide, and it gives me a lot of anger because I make a great effort to give me time to play because of my work, and a large part of Aden's server knows me, because the level of my tank character "Ladgertha ", I raised i
  3. @WcToil No, I already send 2 tickets passed 16 hours and nobody answered, it's a shame! NcWest when putting your support system in another company that surely does not understand anything about the game.
  4. @mixa I hope you do not have the same problem as us, because when you come to do a post in the forum, I'm going to laugh
  5. @WcToil I also do not use more than the TS3 and discord, that check with the crap of xincode or log. I'm calm because I do not cheat
  6. If you use any type of program or bot, it corresponds to all the accounts that are in that IP. Do not say foolishness
  7. My main account was also suspended. I do not understand what the company that is in charge of looking for cheating players is doing? But they have to tell them to check well who are really cheating, to look at the log or what I know. Because some people report you just for pleasure.
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