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  1. As I exhaust all the possibilities of communicating with an NCSOFT representative (because only their notification bots speak to me), I come to give my experience as an honest player who suffers the inexplicable consequence of closing my account.
    Sanction by NCSOFT:
    Offense: Use of 3rd Party Program
    Penalty: Account Closure
    I do this public post because I have nothing to hide, and it gives me a lot of anger because I make a great effort to give me time to play because of my work, and a large part of Aden's server knows me, because the level of my tank character "Ladgertha ", I raised it from lvl 23 in partisan party to lvl 35 and then in alligator, always but always in party, making AOE agros. I had a backpack "TKB" lvl 31 that took it when there was no buffer, and always had to click on the remote carrying the mob to empower the wizards (If using double window is a penalty, then if it is fair). But the companies that NCSOFT contract to do the job of looking for players who violate the rules, just try to justify their work by closing the account without performing a log scan, charId history. Of all the tickets I sent in none of them they could tell me: good sir of the date, minutes, coordinates, or program X I use you and violated the norm, do you know why? because they do not have proof, this is RNG ?. For them, the only thing that matters to them is the number that NCSOFT takes from the amount of the account that they closed to tell them "They are really doing a great job" and with that they win or keep stealing money. They are corrupt, they do not care about the players, We are just a number. The xigncode: Discord open, reportoo! third program !.
    They are going to run out of players as I have already done in L2 GOD, which with a lot of effort reaches 2 thousand players of which 80% use bot without restriction and can not control it. I am still waiting for the information that justifies the sanction that they put on me, they DO NOT LIE AND DO NOT LIE TO THE NCSOFT COMMUNITY.


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  2. My main account was also suspended. I do not understand what the company that is in charge of looking for cheating players is doing? But they have to tell them to check well who are really cheating, to look at the log or what I know. Because some people report you just for pleasure.

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