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  1. This is stupid idea. this is like paying for a Power-Delevel service.
  2. Allocating SP to things that are "necessary" is what everyone does... but that doesn't make it hardcore... Setting the XP, SP & Adena gain low and not scaling it properly doesn't make the game "hardcore" it makes it a "waste of time." When a game becomes a "waste of time" people tend to do malicious things. Anyways back to the point... "My Opinion" of What makes the game hardcore are... the gambling mechanics / long distance running back n' forth / Long drawn out questing/ grinding efficiently in dangerous / Looking for items in a sea of stores... Etc. Regardless
  3. It's a stupid mechanic to penalize a player for "not dying." You realize this right... Yet you still think it's a good mechanic to have?! No wonder ppl lose interest and profits from this game are abysmal.
  4. Leveling normally without the use of EXP Scrolls you get from dailies and saving them because I'm doing Aden dailies ... Anyways... Server population as of 11/16/2018 dropped significantly... Because scaling in Lineage 2 broken. Head my advice and adjust the scaling or facilitate it as a convenience item.
  5. "Not Having enough SP for skills is part of classic" -Angela Merkel Sorry just because it was "okay" in 2004 doesn't mean it's "okay" in 2018 => present day. At the end of the Day... when the profits drop in L2... this game will eventually add "convenience items" 15,635 is the highest Quarterly earning. If nothing is done to make L2 enjoyable or convenient... profits will simply drop.
  6. You... wasting XP Scrolls instead of saving them and grinding out those levels is not my problem. You should know that between 40 - 49 you do Aden dungeon dailies while holding on to your XP Scrolls once you hit 50+, No one is asking for "Free" Things... Please read again and try to comprehend my statement once more. How would you be able to "Abuse" SP Scrolls? You haven't really explained or expressed your point and just made a broad statement. You still need to get the "Spellbook" and "Level" to ascertain said skill upgrades. You're assuming that everyone s
  7. Dying is not necessary. Just keep farming xp/sp by grinding out mobs and don't use "XP Scrolls" Until Ncsoft decides to release "SP Scrolls" this is your only options.
  8. Hello, I'm a level 46 EE and I find it annoying that the sp scaling is (meh)... Thus I'd like to suggest a couple "life" improvements... (a) Double the SP Gain per mob kill (Example: Instead of 162 SP... Make it 324) (b) Put High/Mid/ Low-Grade SP Scrolls as convenience items on the L2 Store. These are my 2cents/opinion/suggestion/recommendation to improve game experience
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