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  1. Guys they're just looking out for us , because of the low player base they fear we can't produce enough shots. If we can't use shots then we can't kill high level mobs, if that don't happen we can't buy overpriced gears, if nothing gets purchased then certain people will be hurting and we can't have that happening...
  2. Summon is safest for afk macro. The servitors are strong and they have a built-in path finding so getting stuck isn't a huge problem.
  3. No need to spend real money on adena farmers, if you can figure out how to macro farm you can earn enough adena to equip D, C, and maybe even B grades without even getting pass level 40 just utilizing the NPCs in Giran and Aden. A party of 3 Dark Wizards starting from scratch can get from 20~40 and net you 2~3M within a few days if you manage to keep the party alive, unstuck, and hunting as much as possible. The Shadow servitor has a passive Vampiric Rage and helps them survive more. The summon's p.atk increases a great deal after every skill level up and they'll do all the damage, you ju
  4. I was walking around Giran in server Aden seeing what's on the market (nearly dead as it is) and some naked dwarf randomly party invites me. Curiously I accepted and then we started a conversation in party chat. The dude wanted me to register 4 accounts under his email and also reminded that there's no limit then he'll give me 10kk. I was confused why he just didn't register the account himself and 10kk for doing this sounds a bit fishy so I declined. Perhaps I would have gotten an easy gain or he would had just renegade and I'd wasted time for nothing. Anyways does anyone know what
  5. It's very easy to pick out who is botting, they have a standard build because it's the most effective. Anyways sadly I've already come to terms that like you say bots are part of the game and it ain't going away. Still it's just bothersome seeing them right out in the open unfazed for days even after I reported them with all the means available. These are clearly rule breakers and it seems there is nothing we or NC can do about it. If you see blatant criminals just waltzing about in your neighborhood unaffected by the law, at some point you might start to feel maybe the tiniest bit of irr
  6. It's simple man, server is Aden make a new toon and teleport to Cave of Trials, it's happening right now.
  7. I was exploring the Cave of Trials in the orc area and found a whole line of unclothed elf wizards having a death festival. They really got this system down I must say. So if they can just bot openly without much repercussions and NC even goes out of their way to further protect them, are there any real reason not to also partake in such activities? While they can maximize their time I have constraints like eat, sleep, work and other social activities. Seriously NC don't care that third party companies are benefiting more from their game than they do themselves? The hyper inflation i
  8. What's the problem it's just a Lv20, just make a new one. Or is it because this one already has top-d and loaded with adena?
  9. I was told by clan member that exp/adena are not buffed when solo hunting with a polearm. Has anyone experienced this or can confirm this claim? I plan to solo polearm with this next weekend buff and really want to know if I would need to change my plans or not.
  10. Wow didn't mean to touch your sore spot. With that kind of mentality no wonder you support or possibly resort to using illegitimate methods. Anyways, I will call anybody who's questionable anything I want, doesn't matter what kind of sjw you're trying to present yourself as but we all know there's a bot problem so you can waddle back to your safe space if you can't handle the facts. With the current state of open bottings and adena selling running rampant, it's more reasonable to speculate that such activities are due to said methods. There's a whole thread on how to over enchant so it's
  11. What I mean is, if a few players blocks their private messages then they are completely blocked for the day and can only party, clan, ally, and friendlist chat.
  12. I have a suggestions about blocking these annoying spammers. If you get your private message blocked for adena ads by 10+ different players then your basic chat (say,shout,whisp) gets blocked for the whole day or longer even. This way you can't exploit it by having a whole clan conspire to block an individual because you need to first private massage each clan members beforehand. What you guys think, is this a sound idea or just another flop?
  13. You are very mistaken. I am well aware of my "scrub" status and has already accepted the fact that there are way better players than me at botting and buying adena, otherwise I wouldn't be stuck at the 20~30 level range. So you honestly believe it's humanly possible to get a top C with +10 and with the time since launch is able to achieve all this without any aid from bots. If you do some number crunching and factor in all the stuff like eat, sleep, work, etc, and how you have to compete with other players and bots for spots or pvp in general it's just not very likely you can achieve
  14. Why do you need to alt+tab? best to just right-click 2nd or 3rd screen then just press F[number] then right-click back.
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