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  1. DA-Skill Corpse Plague

    Hello everyone I wanted to know if this skill works well, should I take it? The DOTs in this version seem to work well. I am looking for confirmation from some DA that has tried this skill. Thank you

    what I want to say is that cheating players are willing to spend dollars / euros on adena rather than spending on low value store items. They are buying pixels exactly like the l2 store products are pixels. In both cases they buy things that in real life have no value. but direct adena are cheaper.

    NO. pixel adena for real money, pixel l2 store for real money, they are the same thing.
  4. Can spoiler make money?

    The spoiler makes more money than the other PG, obviously has more chance, but needs to be played as the main PG. If you make a spoiler just to make money immediately and dress up your main, you will go to meet safe frustation.
  5. Lots of players leaving

    The real problem is not the bots, but the people who say they leave and do not leave. the server is full of people !! I want to play in peace. Do me a favor, do not say "I'm leaving", really go away. Thank you!!
  6. BD even viable as Main?

    It is true that many supports are boxes, especially played by solitary players. But any smart party would like an active support. BD is a great character. people will love you

    RMT exists because players do business with them. Sincerely it is convenient, better to spend 50 euros / dollars for millions of adena, than for runes exp. If mobs drop more adenos, people would not want to fund the RMT system. In the end, buying ncoins for real money is like buying adena for real money. think about it. The mafia exists for the state's ineficence. Here it is the same.
  8. February update patch notes???

    finally, an intelligent answer
  9. But you have not yet understood who are managed by the people who sell adena? Try to think Only one answer is the correct one. I do not say so, you have it every day before your eyes.
  10. Help me with some Dwarf questions ty :)

    sorry I meant low critical rate not accuracy
  11. Help me with some Dwarf questions ty :)

    Definitely heavy, moon heavy set or if you can buy it heavy brigandine. I prefer blunt one hand and shield. Blunt two hands is slower, and has a low accuracy. But it hurts more. it depends on the tastes
  12. Buff Golem

    If you say, the buffs for the golem are added to those of the PP, it's good news. :-)) ty
  13. Damage Warsmith

    Thanks Hatecraft, one more question. According to you alone with PP box, for PVE, warsmith does more damage than DA with the panther?
  14. Damage Warsmith

    thank you very much for your answer. I'm happy to read a fan of dwarfs
  15. Damage Warsmith

    in my opinion the dwarves of the mercenaries, are little considered, but it seems that the damage with the golem, is very good. It looks like a good DD. anyone with experience with this class can also confirm to high lvl? I'd like to know more thank you