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  1. Hello congratulations for your nick, Boindil two blades, I don't play the dwarf in l2, because lineage has never done justice to this fantastic race, of which I am very passionate. You're right they completely ruined the spoil class. I understand your frustration. I hate macros, they don't make sense, as you say, if you don't have time, you don't play. Stop!! Hi great dwarf
  2. what do not you understand? adena is fine! they've already explained it to you. They won't fix it, it's correct, it's expected! I got it? Stop!
  3. whatever they will or will not do, there will always be online players. The dependency on lineage2, for most people, will not end. As long as there are open servers there will be players complaining and logging every day.
  4. Do not complain. they are passionate, temporary. look on the bright side: you will not cry when they are finished :-))))
  5. you are right! it's just my curiosity :-)
  6. A friend of mine told me that in the war-torn plains, he took enough adena. he is level 71.
  7. Hi everyone, this doesn't work anymore, https://l2.laby.fr/status/ ,where can I see the number of people online? Ty all
  8. HI, wtb Samurai Long Sword + 5 25kk
  9. It's probably like you say. The classic will follow the live server project. P2W and again P2W. I'm sure about this. For now, however, it is not yet at the same levels. The alternative to classic servers is not lineage live, but simply to abandon the game and these developers who look more like clowns
  10. Karmian Boots = 20k Demon's gloves = 50k Demon's boots = 40k PM in game "CeresStrong or write here
  11. Mix, have you played on live servers with a dwarf spoiler? Only out of curiosity, I seem to remember.
  12. live servers are much worse than classic. Dwarfs are useless, P2W is much more massive than in the classic. You have to spend hours to fill a room, the whole game takes place within instances, making the game even more boring than the classic. Lastly, live servers have long since died, populated by people who spent too many dollars on their characters to quit. Bots are also on live servers !! Good luck. As far as I'm concerned, I don't even know how long I'll still be playing L2. too much falseness and incompetence!
  13. Make requests to people who don't even know where they live. they are puppets who talk and write on command. Others make decisions. They have the misfortune to put their faces in it, making ridiculous figures. for example the video where they clearly said they would not put P2W items ...
  14. Ciao a tutti, Forgotten Miners è un clan di giocatori italiani, creato da due nani e i loro support. E' un clan senza pretese, per giocare e divertirsi in assoluto relax. Siete tutti i benvenuti, sia con il vostro PG principale che con i vostri box. Se nel clan, dove giocate la vostra main, non cè posto per i vostri secondi PG, qui siete nel posto giusto. Non ci sono tasse e le regole sono poche: Rispetto reciproco Giocare i propri PG (dopo 15 gg. di assenza senza avvisare i PG verrano sclannati) No Bot Se siete interessati scrivete qui o contattate in game CeresStrong, (so
  15. I resurrect this old post, to say that the buffs of the golem do not add up to those of the prophet. They are overwritten !!! Now I ask you for the character buffs: "reinforced weapon" and "spike" are added together?
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