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  1. People were doing that back in the days. This is very old trick in L2 But the people who were doing it on Live server got banned on all chars connected with the arrows, adena, trades and all, so noone ever dit it again
  2. Handle me ? I can change spot but Arrows stay there, and every one who go close to that location get freez or d/c I find something like that really offending, to create server lagg spikes on purpose, i just hope so does @Hime and @Juji
  3. @w0ldbergIf u think noone else have problem with d/c lags etc. Go near that location Ur character freezes for a minute, and u cant move
  4. Go in that location 3 people cant log even now This is DDOS I changed location is easy for me, Problem is, U can do this in Giran town Gatekeeper than what happends ? Eveyrhing burns This happend long ago on Live servers, and got mass ban, many people burned for that action, so they stopped doing it just need make some noise U cant just like that put heavy load on server, and DDOS a location with milion of arrows, so people cant move/log Enough said on video mass report @Juji @Hime Are you gonna let people DDOS locations in server ?
  5. Here is another 2 videos of Bots Dropping arrows: [moderated content] And the best video, where 1 dwarf run and drop arrows, while the other dwarfs keep dropping as well probably 50-100-200k arrows on the ground or more. Those dwarfs are dropping Arrows 1 by 1, like the FLASH, faster than LIGHT
  6. I hope you take serious actions, or you can expect every1 to start dropping milions of arrows at eachother, untill the server burns [moderated content]
  7. Hi guys what do you think about this trick to DDOS server and make players disconnect/freez/not able to log back: Dropping 1 million arrows using bot with script: [moderated content] @Hime @Juji I hope u take serious actions, coz u cant expect from us to pay to play, and get disconnect and lagg coz of DDOSers
  8. And if you make those Raids lvl 85, how are Debuff landing ? Even now Debuff dont work on them, only Cuse of Abyss, and when u make them lvl 85, they will resist even that ;d And how much HP STATS u gonna add to them ? @Juji
  9. Hello, i really enjoyed player wish buff event, it allowed me to farm hard zones like antharas lair, but i noticed that adena drop in there is rly bad compared to even lvl 80 zones, that should be fixed.
  10. New event for the lvl 80 raid bosses is not working, and check hp of World Bosses as well World Boss Hunt and Rare Accessory Box Event (4/22 ~ 5/6)
  11. This event is not working, and hp of bosses is not 50% probably too World Boss Hunt and Rare Accessory Box Event (4/22 ~ 5/6)
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