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  1. lol @Rodch if that can make you feel better ... the samething happened to me .. but the thing is .. I play with a great group of people and they all left when it happened to me ! we are talking about 10-15 peoples ... only for my ban .. and I know other cp's that got 1-2 person banned in the cp for no reason again .. and they also all left .. that's the thing .. if 1 person is trusted by a group of people .. and he get banned like this .. its not only 1 customer their losing .. its way more then that !
  2. carefull @Rodch admin will come soon to erase your message .. you can't post it here it happened to me and its against "their rules" ! Just saying
  3. I went down on the floor to ROFL when I red that
  4. The bot "problem" ? how is that a problem to NCwest ... not a problem at all
  5. hahahaha like if people that are using a bot come on the forum to complain after getting ban xDDD FIRST they don't get banned .. and second .. if it happens they just create a new account and keep going ? going on the forum to complain hahah waste of time .. while he come here to complain he's not farming .. not time to go on the forum
  6. welcome aboard guys ! Why are you still playing ncsofts games anyway ?
  7. aww come on guys .. don't tell me you don't know Khania ? you must be new to the forum ? i'm quit new and I know he is the mascot here ! been checking this forum alot since 3 weeks .. and that's what he does .. he manage 6 accounts some for his brother or something .. and like it wasn't enough he comes here on the forum to entertain us !! Enjoy the show ladies and gentlemans ! P.S. don't be rude with him .. he's really kind in his way
  8. How can you even keep playing tho ? As soon as the support told me they will stop answering my e-mails and it was definitive ban .. All my friends lost the will to play here ! some tried to keep going .. but we are all hunted by the ban hammer .. even me I started another pp and another spoiler right after that happened .. then you start playing .. and your mind is telling you .. you can lose everything again for no reason.. then you stop xDD
  9. @GodEmperorRump its 1 thing to have the log .. but they are not using it otherwise I wouldn't be banned hahaha
  10. @PhoenixMitra what if I want to discuss my case with them .. but they don't want to discuss it with me ! they told me : As such, further replies or new support tickets regarding this account or issue may not receive a response. I have 3 accounts .. I been talking with them for 2 days with both account that got banned .. then they told me they wont answer anymore .. I kept asking questions trying to find what happened .. but now they are not answering anymore ! So I started sending message with my only account that is not ban .. they answered until I told them the e-mail of the accounts that
  11. https://ibb.co/svjFH3P that's mine ! I wouldn't be suprised that it is Razor Synapse honestly
  12. Also .. people that are saying that its not possible that you get ban for no reason .. and all those stuff are scared that what we are saying is true (about random bans) because yeah if all those people claiming they got ban without purpose are telling the truth .. They don't want to play in the server anymore ! People that I play with since ages .. people that I know IRL also .. quit the game ! because I aint got nothing to prove to them ! they know as much as I do that I was legit .. so they stop playing on the server .. and not to follow me or whatever .. they stopped playing because they k
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