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  1. I assume that 49 adena is for blessed spiritshot d-grade right? Well all the crying about adena drops and here you are buying overpriced spiritshots.. Anything above 47 adena is profitable for the vendor and thats just counting he buys crystals on market and use someone else's craft for 10-20 adena per click. With your own craft lvl 20 you can easily go to 45 per spiritshot. And that would already save you 8k adena for 2k shots. I imagine you go through 2k shots in like an hour. And these little things stack up. Like using a soe and porting to giran and back to spot everytime you need shots in
  2. Evasion works as intended. The higher the evasion the higher the chance to dodge auto attack. No skill dodge unless ue is activated. And doesn't work against mobs. So it's better to go for heavy and shield, for mobs 100% some daggers go bw light for pvp. AFAIK there is no changes to evasion in future versions yet. However this is how evasion works in classic versions so no, it's not broken, just a weak stat.
  3. If you try to drop the spellbook isn't it better to drop a valuable one like cdl and buy clear mind and walk away with bunch of adenas? If you don't want to take a .001 chance than just make 2kk and buy the book and spare yourself a lot of trouble. Farm 2kk efficiently is a challenge on itself, still far more easier and reliable imo.
  4. Impossible to test but with all the experience behind these mechanics from NCSoft I can tell you there is 99% chance that it is not based of last hit. The model of the game nowadays is purely focused on microtransactions and money grabbing. You can't cheat it this easily.
  5. I assume it works the same way drop runes in god version. If 50% is maximum than all party members have to be vip4. If 1 out of 9 party members have no VIP at all it would drop to 44,5 bonus and 6,5% lower with each additional member without VIP.
  6. Is this actually tested or you guys just assume? Experiment on european classic showed that vamp lvl2 from wc is worse than lvl1 se. Not sure if that got patched but on the versions we probably have it was very different and sucked for wc. edit: https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/558419/
  7. Nobody will blame quitters, if the game is in different state they anticipated. But top CP's should have had access to rb's. Few drops even if to crystalize with how much are crystals overpriced and they could dominate the servers. I can understand solo players or casuals to complain. But top cp's in today's game make shifts playing and manage to farm 24/7... I'm sure they have dwarfs sitting in one window each to make decent money even if loosing while farming. There is no excuse for top dogs to cry. It's not like they are at a disadvantage. Everyone have the same tools and due to their time
  8. Daggers lvlup either as meele or as an archer. If you chose to lvlup with bow go for pl set and keep it until you change weapon. You should farm inside an archer party and there is no need for tankiness. As a meele most daggers go heavy+shield because evasion against monster doesnt really work. Some keep the heavy even for pvp but that is everyone's own choice. The evasion against skills doesn't really work either except for ue.
  9. Tiat is not classic and if you feel like you waste time here you will be insanely disappointed over there. You will have enough shots for sure but the server was dead even before it launched and the contains of l2store there will make you even less impactful than here without shots. This version of classic we have is not fast exp friendly. You can chose between exping comfortably but slowly and managing adena gain in other ways than just beating mobs or you can power level the harsh way but will have the level advantage. Of course everything depends how much efficient time you spend in the gam
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