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  1. Yeah you can't play this game solo anymore, either play with friends or run your own party. All you need is 2 account at the minimum. [You can get your first d-grade easy] 1. Make new account to get the newbie pack. Put it on a fighter -> knight path. The knight armor mastery adds 50 p.atk and atk.speed when hit by enemy. 2. Your 2nd account to be a mage, don't really need the newbie pack on this one. Mage -> wizard. 3. Get your party to level 20 and find a good spot at AC. 4. Setup your macro and sit back... [Macro] Wizard - This guy will be the one targeting. Summon your servitor it'll cost you 2 spirit stones each time. 1. Make a new macro, for the first line drag your Group Heal Lv1 into it. Then fill all the rest of the lines with /summonattack. 2. Put this macro into your [Auto Next Target] window. Activate by right clicking. Also pick short or long distance targeting accordingly. Knight - This guy will be the main damage dealer. You want to only assist the Wizard's target so you don't go wondering off and getting stuck. 1. Make a new macro and have the following: /target (Wizard's Name), /assist. /attack, /pickup 2. Drag this to your shortcut bars, and right click to activate. DO NOT use [Auto Next Target] for the knight. The best spot to use this setup is on the Ol Mahum Commander or mobs that spawn in a small area. [How to get C-Grade Duals] You can get a c-dual all by your self. When you earn enough money buy 2 Sword of Revolution and you can put it together using 20 Stone of Purity. You can easily get the SOP by using your Clan Coins which is earned upon reaching level 20. It cost 3 coins to get 1 SOP so one level 20 will only get you 6 so just repeat it a few times. When you have the 2 swords and the SOP ready, head on over to the blacksmiths in Dion or Giran and make your C-Duals. [How to get B-Grade Duals] This is a bit more tricky, you'll need a Warsmith at level 40 or higher so you can crystalize D and C grades. To get a level 40 dwarf you can use the above method, just replace the knight with your dwarf. After leveling at AC until 35~38, move into Ant Nest until 40. You'll need to have acquired 2 C-Drade Duals, 4 Sword of Revolutions, and a "Dual Weapon Crafting Stamp". You can only get a stamp if you own a castle or buy it from someone who does. Crystalize all your swords and purchase 2 Sword of Delusion from the Luxury shop in Giran. You'll also need 40 SOP and an extra 250 C-Crystals or so. Head over to the black smith in Aden and get your B-Grade Duals.
  2. Infinate Wooden Quiver

    What, Hero bow uses NG arrows?
  3. recharge skill

    You got a screenshot? The skill at that level really might just be broken.
  4. This thing is quite useless in our current state isn't it? So why are people going about like it's a highly sought after item?

    Aden's market is stagnant too, you see the same over priced stuff on the market for weeks.
  6. Saving Adena?

    4m is a lot for a weapon that won't stay, by the time it runs out I'll be back at square one. This event is so bad, the only thing I find useful is the crystal upgrade exchange.
  7. This is already been addressed https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13997-soulshot-c-recipe/
  8. newbie problem

    Did you get your newbie pack weapon? It's a strong NG dual sword and restricted 1 per account that last 30-days and it can give a new account a means to save up adena. Purchase it free from the L2 store. Other ways to make some quick adea is to use your clan coins you get when you hit lv20. Trade it for some mats at the high priest and sell it. It's going to be hard to find a party now but nothing is stopping you from playing multiple accounts.
  9. Saving Adena?

    Hey guys I'm very curious about how much adena an average player can expect to save up per week. I'm still on the early levels 20~40 and I'm able to accumulate about 2kk per week hunting in AC and Ant nest. Is this rate considered slow or average? I run a tank, summoner and a healer on macro, is there any way I can improve? How is it like post 40, I can only imagine it gets better right? I haven't try to level too far past 40 because moon armor is really squishy and the newbie pack duals are running out of time. Should I level up fast to get better drops higher up or take my time? The exp scroll from last event was great but we didn't get to keep the stacks when it ended
  10. The worst server in the world?

    It's quite easy to tell the difference between bots and loop macros. Also if you really want to confirm which one it is you can just pk them, bots will vanish instantly and macros will lay dead for hours.
  11. Error to Login (exit)

    It was working just a few mins ago
  12. Any reason why aden is down for much longer?
  13. It don't seem to be that bad, buff can be in the form of adena or proof of red. However with all the things in this event only the Weapon Supply Box seems to be worthwhile all the other stuff can just be ignored.
  14. Multi Boxing

    Run the launcher, launch the game, close the launcher then run the launcher again.
  15. Soulshot C recipe

    Maybe they want us to buy ss with real money or make due without.