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  1. This guy gets it. Whoever is thankful to NCWest for this "non pay2win" classic server will eventually curse on them at further updates ^^ Did they add that %50 XP rune to the L2store at the opening? No; why is that? Because they know how to keep people in here and implement P2W slowly into the server so they can earn more with time. They got the popularity now, few more months and people who can afford shits will shit on you all.
  2. Not only spoil, adena is still not how it should be
  3. I dont know why we cant have normal classic server. Freaking excuro drops 200 adena
  4. Yeah Turak Bugbear Warrior drops 150-400 adena here but it should be 259 — 607.
  5. Are they relevant? I mean if I leave stun at lv 3 or smth for less mana cost, will it still land as the same rate as if it would lv 10?
  6. It gives error when I try to add Ncoin to my account. I have tried 2 different cards. Is there an issue with your system?
  7. It has been more than 12 hours and I still have not received them. @Hime WTF is going on with the NC nowadays??
  8. Hello, @Juji @Hime and the community. People who want to pay for the VIP just simple "have to" log into the game to do so. NCSoft needs to put some items like color title/xp scrolls/hats for the classic server on the webshop and when we buy them, add VIP points directly so people can just spend coins online and skip the queue. Please do not ignore this post since I believe that issue has to be resolved.
  9. I will paste it in here too. Then let me tell you, right 1 day before launch they changed PK DESTROY ITEM TO PK DROP ITEM. They did not need 2 weeks to consult Internationally. So that means, they can actually change things.
  10. Does that mean we may receive that update before next maintenance or we will be afk fishing 1 more week? @Juji
  11. They say that "ITS HIGH PRIORITY WE KNOW IT ETC" just to make u believe its gonna be fixed so u can keep throwing money. Dont let them fraud u more.
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