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    Hello everyone I would like to draw the attention to the staff but according to you how does one who uses the necromancer to go forward as on l2classic if I'm not mistaken deathspike should be used without cursedbone. I necromancer lvl 47 equippato with armor c-sage staff + 3 I should buy the bssc at the price of 115adena-1 and cursedbone360adena-1 to expare where I see the monsters GREEN I need 3 hits to kill them that means 2115adena to kill a monster that I da 200adena?!?! How the bleep should I do?!?! I ask if you can fix the fact that deathspike can be used without cursedbone as l2classic and then another thing I'm vip 4 drop rate 50% this and a bugg xche nn increases the drop rate and buggy as I have never dropped anything please arrange all this