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  1. Hello guys, As the title says if you are interested in the deal contact me here or ingame to Aykanaro / flechon / reyesdelchollo. Thank you
  2. Everything depends on the type of character you want: warrior, magician or hybrid. The elementary sumoner is a good class to level up and get money, the warlord also because it does aoe and kills many bugs at the same time using few soulshots, although if you choose a warlord you will have to make a backpack that will heal the mp (I would say a I know because he also has VR). Particularly I have an sps with se + pp and the mp is spent fast xd.
  3. The 50% bonus does not work for a change. My question is: Does NCsoft do something right? it's real shame
  4. Thanks for the answers. Who thinks the rest
  5. Hello, Please any moderator can move this topic to game question to give it more visibility or copy and paste myself? I think that in game question you can have more visibilty
  6. Hello partners, I have enough doubts about becoming a summoner but I do not know which race to choose (warlock, elemental summoner or phantom summoner) in principle it would be to leave it in Aden and do the quest of the dungeon because they told me that it does not need equipment and can kill only without boxes although I also have se and pp. Other questions: What equipment do you use? (robe, light, heavy) What weapon is better? (one of a wizard or one of a warrior) Is it expensive to kill moobs for the cost of ss and bss? Which of the 3 summoners is better in
  7. Seriously! you have to reward people who CAN NOT log in for 7 days and do not gain experience, sentences, daily quest, etc ... and your solution is to reward everyone, so those who could log all the week over If we have taken advantage and unbalanced the server, will they receive a prize? This is the way NCsoft gentlemen work. Really every day I see a greater level of incompetence. The only thing that will cause this "reward" will be to maintain the same imbalance caused by your lack of solutions during a whole week.
  8. I hope that the people who have lost those 7 days without being able to log in will be compensated in some way. ONLY those who could not log, the other users who have not had problems to enter should not receive more advantages than they already got to play when the rest could not.
  9. And it's almost a full week that does not let me log in (except for a couple of hours on Monday when they "fixed" the problem). GG NCsoft a great job (?). I'm not an expert, but take out a new update based on a damaged update (last week) equal to the same problem x2. It was evident that the problem was going to persist if you could not even fix the damage to the previous patch.
  10. Again the same problem of not being able to log in. Since the "maintenance" of last Wednesday, I could only enter the game last night. It is a real SHAME the work of NCsoft, many posts explaining the new patches and not are able to keep the server active almost a whole week (for a significant number of users). The patience of the people has a limit and mine already you have surpassed it. I have never played a server that works so bad, in which a solution is not provided for 5 days and that is the official server ... see to believe! It seems that instead of relaunching the game you wa
  11. It's been two days without being able to enter the game. NCsoft does not provide any solution to the problem, I do not understand how it has not been returned to the patch before maintenance (in which we could all log in without problems). It is assumed that NCsoft is a serious company and yet they are not able to find a solution that benefits ALL in 2 days ... in the end it will be true what many colleagues in the forum say, pirate servers work better than the official . The people who have been unable to enter for 2 days (as is my case) are lagging behind the rest of the players, that is h
  12. Nice videos, don´t stop making them!!
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