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  1. Drop rate rune + prestige rune

    ty for anwser
  2. Drop rate rune + prestige rune

    Hello I have 1 question Prestige rune and drop rate rune are effective at the same time? prestige(drop rate 100%) + drop rate 50% rune = increase drop rate 150% Right??
  3. Hi Since xsigncode released, i cant use battle ping. Plz update for user. Without battle ping, there is so much lag. GM~~ dont you have any plan about it? Plz let me know your plan!
  4. Hello I am korean user. And i play in freya server. My character is lv100 feoh, lv100 iss, lv99 healer. Because i play l2 evening(korean time), I can't participate many instance. For example, epic istina. Epic tauti. Etc. So i lf korean users who can play with me! If korean clan exist, i want to enter. My character name is koreanwizard. let me know who can play with me~ Thank you