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  1. New video on my favorite you-tube channel !!!! Watch and like & sunscribe for more !! xSpawn is my man.....!!!!
  2. Something I found on my Favorite YouTube Channel........Watch! If you like it go Youtube Like & Subscribe --> xspawn youtube channel
  3. RangerZ told me that is almost ready....now are you gonna quit?After all these money you paid for the materials? Comon i will stop playing archer....dont worry..
  4. Well I am sure it was way before, but yeap Mixa dude you are right! I checked my toon birthdate and that was February 2012. Btw, I am playing L2 way before....I mentioned the official server only ;-)
  5. Raven

    Nova v. MS

    Ok so for the avoidance of any missunderstanding, when someone admits something in written language, then people should be able to present screenshots, where that someone actually says it. Please post me any screenshot where Truffle says he logs/plays my toon or anything similar. I can help you to understand what i mean, cause I know you are not that bright.....so i will use an example: I say: Fooz, thank you for admitting that Nova use scripts, and that despite that Nova still suck, cause you Fooz think that Nova need better scripts. Here is the link with the screenshot were yo
  6. I dont know who is prudens party......and i dont know who doctor from Rhodes you talk about. You can open any ticket you want about me mate any time! I am sure your nova friends tried that already...your turn now...bring it on! Btw, you dont know how many years old is my acount, and for your info........I play this version of L2.....GoD, since Shillen server was up, and your friend Navigatos were there with KSK ........yeah..that is back to 2010 or even earlier....so.....keep it up boys, you know everything! BTW ! I suggest we start the tickets with the link below, where Fooz admits not o
  7. You really want me to answer that question? Omg!!! That is Fooz indeed..!!! Take it as you want mate, Nova always know better!! Do you want the phone of Flashed? He can upgrade your scripts for the right price!!! I will give it to you if that makes you more pvp active.... XDD
  8. Judging from the level of stupiditness of your question, you are an alt of Fooz...!!!! Mate it is easy to be Fooz....just spend 20-30k $ on gears, and then stay dead endlessly...!!!
  9. Well mate Aizen is Aizen, KKKm is KKKm , Raven is Raven, Truffle is truffle etc..........stop projecting your own idiotic tactics to other ppl in order to justify your circus!!!! You suck! Get over it, and move on!! Start blaming your scripts instead of searching the "davinci code" conspiracy theories.......Maybe the only correct thing Fooz ever said, you need better scripts, or just start using your fingers like every other player in this game...soon you will get better, dont worry!!!Start also using your activity by going out of ch and pvp, like Pippinio said, dont worry the flame is g
  10. That was Pipi and Rsr mate...not me......as i said i have a certificate of proficiency in english....but whatever....as always, you Nova must know better
  11. Acting stupid? says the guy who admits he needs better scripts lol !!! You are all so funny.......you script, so MS must be scripting also.....you change toons, so MS must be changing toons also......Ffs.......at least dont talk....you only become yourselfs more of a clown than already you ppl are
  12. That is what you dont understand snowflake...i play my own toon......I say again: start playing with fingers before pointing fingers....even if you are wrong lol!
  13. OMG! You are obssesed with truffle and my toon ,right snowflake? I would say ...... dont brag when you are scripting , and for sure dont admit it, even in your own forums....XDDDD. Ofc it is quite clear you need better scripts dude! It is clear to everyone here!
  14. The first three sentences refer to the video if i understand correclty.....so what i said is that you "ganged " 7vs3, but when we brought 7, you started leaving instant, that is why you are 5 in the video. and never left safe zone even if we tell you that we can drop 2 to be even numbers or waited for you to bring 2 more (Your friend scoobz said later that he would come after he finishes altar, which he started 10 min before we come at hb, and he never showed....even after we stayed there another 30-40 min.I dont know how he needed 40-50 min to do altar....i do it in 15 when i solo it...boxing
  15. Well first of all.....before that video you were fighting just fine 7vs3.....that was not a problem then right? then we brought 7 ppl, and you started leaving the spot. (Check videos dialogs) Second we offered to drop 2 so you are even.......you dodged that also (again check dialogs) Third you always bring fully stack parties against weaker MS parties. That is the only way you go out of town.......where is your problem to fight when this happens to you? When we lost the fight we said gf. We did not claim any excuse about the fight, not then not here in the forums....i am just a
  16. First ,I did not see anyone saying you did not win that one ....lol! even a blind idiot can see that easy.....that was a big f.u.ckup from our side....that ofc not happens usually....and that is why you are so happy and talkative this time! Second.... i did not say that you did not use your gears...at least this time lol !!! ofc the skills i named are skills from your toons....how could you use skills from other toons? i said that although we performed poorly (kindly saying), it took you 2 mins and you burned everything you had on your top geared toons to manage to kill as, when we did 1
  17. Ok...Pr-1nce you are so happy that you brought your best pt and finally won a pvp.....and that only because we had to play bleeped up so bad?........ok gz!!!! GFFF!!! But....why you left and did not stay for rematch?I mean if you are soooo goood....? i can tell you why.....check the video...it took you 2 min to kill as, while chaining brooch brs, taurus brs, normal brs, self protection skills, and self attack skills, while we used just 1 cs and maybe half of our skills only......cause yes we bleeped up! but seriously.....why it took you so many skills and so much time to kill a bleeped up pt?
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