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  1. whats the problem

    i think i will have to do that ...this ppl wow there is alot of ppl complaining in the forum its the same as i am doing ...but when someone talks about the botters they get serius and mad ...wtf its that why u guys angry about those things?
  2. whats the problem

    didnt u like the things i say or what ? that i can only post here for no reasons or anything? cant quote or write in other threads ...and didnt got a warning about anything ...i just came here to make fun in the forums and u guys take it all
  3. Bots at necropolis

  4. about why guys stop player

    what u mean by adena drop ?
  5. Bots at necropolis

    are u paid for posting that ? O_O rofl really its like someone playing in another server
  6. Lineage II Classic: Saviors Coming February 27

    lel and u keep giving money to them, wonder why nothing its fixed ...they simply see no problems at all
  7. i bet ur banned from forum bcuz u said that bro
  8. Banned Accounts?

    well bro i has been silenced by them alot of time i dont know why but w.e i suppose we shouldnt be asking to fix anything since all its good ..thats what i think
  9. Banned Accounts?

    i dont know how are u not banned ...if it were me that said that i would be banned for 3 days or more ...everytime i say something in the forums about this i get banned
  10. Merge Aden (

    lol O_O
  11. yeah i know right and they take it seriusly ...so u should do it too mr @FalconFeanor so calm down take a break ..u can get something to drink to relax then come here with chill questions
  12. calm down bro or u will get banned chill take it easy

    i couldnt be more agree ...really u know alot of this game man ..wish i could have a guy like u to manage my company
  14. hello @Juji and @Hime i am back to the forums