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  1. Bots at necropolis

  2. about why guys stop player

    what u mean by adena drop ?
  3. Bots at necropolis

    are u paid for posting that ? O_O rofl really its like someone playing in another server
  4. Lineage II Classic: Saviors Coming February 27

    lel and u keep giving money to them, wonder why nothing its fixed ...they simply see no problems at all
  5. i bet ur banned from forum bcuz u said that bro
  6. Banned Accounts?

    well bro i has been silenced by them alot of time i dont know why but w.e i suppose we shouldnt be asking to fix anything since all its good ..thats what i think
  7. Banned Accounts?

    i dont know how are u not banned ...if it were me that said that i would be banned for 3 days or more ...everytime i say something in the forums about this i get banned
  8. Merge Aden (

    lol O_O
  9. yeah i know right and they take it seriusly ...so u should do it too mr @FalconFeanor so calm down take a break ..u can get something to drink to relax then come here with chill questions
  10. calm down bro or u will get banned chill take it easy

    i couldnt be more agree ...really u know alot of this game man ..wish i could have a guy like u to manage my company
  12. hello @Juji and @Hime i am back to the forums
  13. Level cap

    about all the comments i said and ur said and alot of ppl said about that ncsoft doesnt care about ppl ? does ppl leave the game ? no they still there playing ..how can u stay whinning all day and log on ? if atleast ppl that dont like this stop playing and stop buying nccoins maybe AND i say maybe cuz there is no guarantee that they will just start listening to their player base ...even doing this ..they may just close the game wait some time and reopen it ..you guys are correct when saying that if a server say that lvl cap its 70 they should keep it like that ...but i ask u one thing ...when has this company ever listening to what in the forums its said or when they did listen to their player base and asume they responsabilities ? want the simply answer NEVER ...they never and will never take responsabilities on such things ..and not only this company ..so i think there is just one thing we can do ..stop complaning and try to enjoy what the server is or just leave the game ...cuz from what i think this is pointless and i bet they will perma ban my acc from forums for saying such a thing ..which i dont care cuz i dont play anymore i just come to see the facts of what i say ...they just like to leave things to god
  14. Level cap

    if they are already more lvl than u ...and they stayed at 70 just to make u happy when the new update comes they will be 78 in 2 days and u will still cry about the fact that those ppl are CP and know how to play and u dont ...havent u seen any of those guys streaming 4+ hours of playing just lvling in LOA ? u think some ppl doesnt take this game seriusly ? dont espect that ppl will do things ur way just bcuz u dont like it ...there are better ppl on game than others cuz we are all different and we all have less or more time to waste here playing ...u crying while not even 70 its stupid ...